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Listening to the BBC Today Programme before 7.00 a.m., no link, and was rewarded once again by a large dollop of pre-digested BBC spin on Northern Ireland.

Seems SinnFeinIRA has got itself on a jolly ‘documented exploration journey’ to South Africa along with some brainwashed P.S.N.I. officers for a ‘update’ on the possibilities of a Independent Truth Commission for ‘The Struggle’.

Nothing was said about the real reasons why a bunch of killers want to establish this Commission, but one of them could be found within SinnFeinIRA’s own mouthpiece when it states “The issue of state killings and of collusion – which was an administrative practice and part of the British government’s strategy – must also be dealt with.”

And we, the people who watched as the killers blasted, bombed and shot their way into a ‘Peace Process’ can now look forward to a time when, aided once again by a pliant and compliant State Broadcaster whose sympathies lie totally with the murderers, they will parade how they were ‘fighting a war’, and the British government was to blame for all the deaths and suffering because we didn’t roll over fast enough!

Written by mike cunningham

March 19, 2012 at 10:04 am

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