“Something is indeed rotten in the State of Britain”

Read an intriguing post over on fellow-bloggers ATW regarding statistics on marriage and divorce, and decided to cast my own mind over this huge area of human endeavour, hope, trust, longing and love!

The Family is the base of all endeavour, the Family is the fount from which all else flows! If we do not succour the Family unit, we are condemning our very civilisation to a slow, lingering but very certain end; for without the bonds and ties of a true Family, bound by vows made either before an altar, a civil register or even a stupendous view; we can no longer claim to hold the bedrock of civilised life together!

Children need stability, they need steady guidance and wisdom. The simple truth that they also need discipline and the honesty of the love between their parents should not even need to be mentioned. The ‘buzz-words’ used by many in the Social Work hives are many and varied, ranging from ‘Deprived’ through ‘Misunderstood’ and ‘Social exclusion’ are used with frightening rapidity, but used only to camouflage the basic failure of the parents to recognise their DUTIES which they undertook when they began a family. The casual pregnancy and teen-age mother’s labour brought about by a knee-trembler down a lane produces exactly the same model child as the one born in an expensive nursing home aided by top-notch nursing care; but the child born to loving parents has the inestimable advantage of the basic Family, crafted by centuries of human experience, and bolstered by countless role models in the lifetime of that lucky child!

But how does our Government and Judiciary react when faced with the ever-rising statistics of divorce, single-parent children and broken homes and lives? Simple, they reduce the financial barriers and make divorce ever easier; they remove the tax advantages which helped parents keep more of their hard-earned cash; they elicit the foul ‘Civil Partnership laws’ which give further foundations to homosexual practices and they seem to enjoy the breakdown of the very idea of the basis of marriage, which of course is a solemn undertaking between a man and a woman to cling together, to love one another and to raise as best they can the issue of such a marriage!

From a Prime Minister, allegedly a practising Christian, and his Roman Catholic wife, along with the Government which they lead; there seeps a strange and foul odour, it is almost tainted with sewage, but is actually the strong and distinct smell of Sanctimony!!