Cry indeed, The Beloved Country!!!

Listening to all the bullshit spewed onto the airwaves during the so-called remembrance day for the Soweto Uprising. heard all about how it was just a peaceful protest by some angry black schoolkids against the imposition of the Afrikaans language within their schoolrooms! We heard how the students were protesting quietly, and the South African Police simply attacked them, and how awful they were, and how all the ensuing violence was justified!

What a load of old bullshit! We don’t hear about the long nights of planning of the A.N.C. youth wing, headed by the motherly tones of Winnie Mandela,ex-wife of the “saintly Nelson” (himself a convicted terrorist) famous for her sweet remarks about “freedom, deadly necklaces of burning tyres, etc.”. we don’t hear that the first person to die in the riots was a Jewish schoolteacher who drove into the path of the rioters, and perished by being beaten to death at the hands of a bloodthirsty mob of hundreds of fanatical blacks! We don’t hear about the dozens of white people who were attacked as they attempted to help the so-called suffering blacks! We don’t read that the famous photo of some black clown carrying another black boy was carefully staged, and that image alone went around the world! We don’t read about the hundreds of innocents who died at the hands of their fellow black brothers, dying for the clear crime of opposing the actions which lead to the riots in the first place!

It is true that history is written by the victors, and, just like the many other episodes which have been carefully tailored for consumption by a gullible public, the true story of Soweto will probably never be written, mainly because there aren’t many who would believe it; or indeed would want to believe it!

Some may ask how I can be so positive? Simple, I lived through those days while my home was on the western side of Johannesburg, with my place of work inside the South-Western-Townships!!!

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