So that’s what the term ‘Black Empowerment’ really means!

mulamba hooded with shotgun

Wondered why we saw the story about the black teenager who was killed in Brixton disappear so quickly off our screens and pages! Now we begin to understand exactly who this ‘boy’ was. He was not a ‘good boy’! “His grieving father Kamondo Mulumbu visited the murder scene on Friday. He said: “Alex was a good boy, he had nothing at all to do with knives.” Just goes to show, families are usually the last to know when their scumbag sons are out of control, or are they!

As the photo shows, this young black junior-grade wanna-be gangster and killer just got a taste of what he was preaching and practicing for when he and his fellow gang members took on an opposing gang! The knife and gun culture which is rampant amongst the black and asian inhabitants of our once quiet suburbs is attractive to those who wish ‘Respect’, but, as the story also told, it also shows what happens when the violence is taken to its’ logical conclusion!

So the news machines which were just starting to rev up and shout about yet another racist killing were forced to back off and slow down when the story they were busy trying to hype was exposed as just another sordid black-on-black gang culture killing; over territory, or drugs, or prostitution!

Simple really, just a bunch of kaffirs doing what they’re really good at!