A tale of two countries, two families, two problems and two strange outcomes!


Just browsing through the old files, blogs, newspapers and items lodged in my sub-conscious, and suddenly realised that what we have in this country of mine is nothing short of the Middle-East mind-process in action. I would like to describe two different families, two very different sets of circumstances, and two very different endings!

Two brothers, born in India, succeed in making, at roughly the same time, a very great deal of money and a whole slew of political and commercial enemies. They face, if arrested in their homeland, a long spell in prison before they are even charged, because of the huge backlog in the Indian judicial and legal systems, which of course would suit their commercial and political rivals. They search for a "Fairy" godmother, and succeed in finding one who fits the descriptions perfectly, in that he’s both bent as a fishhook and very well placed politically within the incorruptible Labour Government! So, without any further ado, or investigation, or proof that this benighted country of ours would actually benefit, they are both handed the magic passports which ensure their "Get out of jail free" cards with respect to their little legal difficulties in India. I would just repeat that there was absolutely no urgent reason why these passports should have been dispensed, other than that of very highly-placed influence! The politician is very briefly reprimanded after his actions are illuminated, spends a six month period in the political equivalent of the ‘doghouse’ and then commences rising rapidly up the ladder of success to where he is now; yes, it’s the slippery arse-hole bandit himself, Peter Mandelson, EU Trade Commissioner! He now spends his days, when away from screwing his long-time boyfriend by screwing with our trading relations with the rest of the world!

Another family, comes to Britain under the guise of immigrants, but when the man decides to ditch his family and go back whence he came, the wife decides that she is gonna’ apply for asylum for herself and her four children, and goes the whole hog inclusive of expensive legal appeals through the courts! Not that she’s worried about the cost, because she’s not paying; the British taxpayer is picking up the tab! After a five year legal process, the Home Office finally gets to put them on a flight out to Malawi, and theoretically washes it’s hands!

Now I happen to agree with the Home Office in this case, and firmly wish the family well back in Africa, but there’s just this niggling voice somewhere just above my left earhole which keeps repeating a little Haiku; which isn’t a very good example of that Japanese art thingy, which goes like this:-

All must realise there are no

shortcuts to paradise:

That’ll do nicely!

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