Breaking News- a good and honest man sighted on football pitch!

Rarely do I read any sporting stories or sports-related news items, as I have long held a distaste for most organised sporting activities, and an even wider distaste for the clowns who inhabit the various sport arenas, so it came as a double shock to find myself reading a football- and footballer-related story, and both enjoying it and commending the paper for actually printing it! Let me be honest, I reckon that most people who profess to enjoy football, and hence also support a particular team, are suffering either from an unknown and un-diagnosed genetic malfunction, or are just plain crackers!

However, I digress from the purpose of this post: I read of this Ecuadorian footballer, Ulises de la Cruz, who plays for Arsenal and who is at present a mainstay of the Ecuadorian national team. Not for him the 'bling' of the glitzy night-life so adored of many of the British-bred gifted morons who inhabit our own National Team! No, his home is an ordinary semi- in Sutton Coldfield, Not for his wife the glamour of the night-life of Baden-Baden! Instead she spends her days looking after their daughter in the Ecuador team's modest hotel! But the real reason for my close attention to this particular story was the Ecuadorian footballer's activities in the vilagge where he grew up. This talented man has, by virtue of his Western-honed skills and earning-potential, installed running water and electricity supplies to the village of his birth, as well as endowing a hospital and a school for the inhabitants! Ulises was quoted as saying, "In Piquicho, everyone knows each other from birth, so I never forget what my origins are!Because I was good at football, I was given the opportuity to succeed, and that has brought me to England."

Now I ask you, can any one even imagine most of the extremely highly-paid pirates, with only one or two exceptions, who inhabit the stratosphere of the Premiership League emulating this humble and plain good man! If they are filmed attending a charitable function, good money would be bet on a substantial 'appearance' fee having been negotiated before they place a boot on to a blade of grass! Many things they may be, but Samaritans mostly they are not!