Don’t disturb the kitten!

Visited that excellent blog EU referendum, and read a ‘think-piece’ on the author’s views of British Politics, politicians and political thought in this benighted country of ours. Now the writer, Richard North, seems to believe that most thinking Britons have successfully found the ‘off-switch’ after the trauma of the World Cup, the BlaenauGwent and Bromley and Chislehurst by-elections which proved to be a treble-yawn for most of the electorate, especially the Labour vote in Wales, and the Tories in Bromley and Chislehurst!

The election of David Cameron as the latest contender for ‘Twirly of the Year’ seems to have brought about a sea-change for the Conservative Party, but is looking to me at least as though the rough seas are ahead, not behind. Where are the attacks on this atrocious Government? Where are the fierce denunciations which should be coming from the Opposition  benches on bogus asylum-seekers, on crime, on the hopeless mish-mash which is the Home Office or the D.E.F.R.A. catastrophe which is the Rural Payments Agency.

 All we seem to hear is sound-bites of how environmentally-friendly Cameron is, with his house tied to a windmill power station, and riding bicycles, and denying masturbating whilst thinking of Margaret Thatcher. Why don’t we hear something we want to hear about, such as kicking the asylum-seekers and jihadists out of this once quiet, green and pleasant land? Why don’t we hear of plans to expand the prison system, and so be able to keep a few more thugs and rapists behinnd bars for the pitifully-few months they seem to get as sentences these days! Why don’t we hear of plans to chop the basic rates of tax, and some, if not all, of the stealth-taxes brought in by the Hound from Hell, otherwise known as Gordon Brown?

 Let’s hear a bit of hard-line right-wing themes from this wishy-washy lot, and then we just might see some voters wake up and commence taking a little notice of Her Majesty’s Official Opposition!