Tell me the same old story; tell me the same old LIES!!!!!

When I was a younger man, if a senior politician was caught out either in a personal problem, such as an affair, or worse, homosexuality; they resigned! Flat out; just like that! Why, because if they didn’t resign, they’d be kicked out without so much as a moment’s hesitation by their boss, the Prime Minister; of whatever Party was in power! They’d been found wanting, and that was sufficient!So here we have the Deputy Prime Minister, who now has so many strikes against his nameplate that it’s beginning to look a little crowded in there, and what happens? Nowt! Why?The problems started because of who he is, a big thug with impeccable Union connections; a time-server of the first water who managed to find a safe Labour seat in Hull, and nobody’s been able to turf him out ever since he squirmed and greased his way past the selection board! He got elected Deputy as a reward for delivering Blair to his seat at the top, and our Tony’s not one to forget his friends, even if they are as useless as Prescott obviously is! He weaselled his way towards the second level of Government because he’s always been assiduous in keeping the power he’s been allowed to grab, and he’s always managed to keep the internal war between Brown and Blair mainly below the parapet!

So he was found out as having dipped into the office ink with his diary secretary, with sufficient prurient details, provided by the woman in question, to lever out any normal Minister within fifty seconds! But no, he stays on, keeping his place, jobs and staff! But then there’s a re-shuffle after Charles Clarke gets the boot, and he loses all his staff and jobs; but he still keeps his big house, plus his big apartment, plus his other flat, plus his two cars, plus his inflated salary! Then he gets photographed playing “CROQUET”, obviously a truly democratic and working-class sport if ever there was one; and loses his house to keep things quiet! Then the news gets broken that he went on a trip to America, and accepted massive hospitality from this super-rich American who is heavily into casinos. Now this guy was not focused on the success of the business, rather, he appeared to be more concerned with personal goals; so is into really-right wing politics, he was once named “greediest executive in America” by Forbes magazine, the US business bible. Prescott further visits him seven more times; but states that he was discussing “William Wilberforce” the old time legislator who helped outlaw slavery, and, wait for it, COWBOYS! Now many things I would believe, but a NuLabour ‘Cowboy’ learning about ‘cowboys’ from a super-rich billionaire whose only writ is profit is just a little rich, even coming from Prescott! Then other bloggers get wind of more women in Big John’s life, and he has to step up and state that it was just another blip on the radar horizon of life!

The question surely must be asked; how many more things have to be publicised before Blair finally breaks, and gets rid of this big, lying, philandering, seemingly-corrupt fraud?