Never forget! Never surrender! Repeat after me; “Kill the bastards!”

Israel March 2002

Indonesia October 2002

Moscow October 2002

Casablanca May 2003

Riyadh May 2003

Istanbul November 2003

Madrid March 2004

Beslan Russia September 2004

London July 2005

There may be many reasons why this disparate group of cities, towns and countries might be grouped together, but only one which has a common thread; that thread is the belief of fanatical idiots who ‘know’ that they know best, and that they are acting in support of a religion which preaches death and destruction to ALL others; and that they accept that their death will result in their martyrdom!

Well, sorry about that, Mohammed! As we throw you down to be buried with the pig swill, we’d just like to say, “Boy, were you ever wrong about that!”