Set in a Silvered Sea

The American tradition of Thanksgiving is one which we British might do well to copy, in our own inimitable style of course. As we don’t have a single day upon which we can safely target and state, “This day is where we celebrate our deliverance,” and we don’t have the necessary majority in the four countries which make up this land of ours to choose one without upsetting some bloody pressure group, or Fuzzy-Wuzzy Council to placate or bow to, I propose that we choose one ourselves, place the votes purely in the hands of British people of White Anglo-Saxon European descent because that is who has formed the Britain of today, and shout out “to hell with everyone else, We will celebrate it because we wish to!”

I propose that the Fifteenth of August be chosen as “Spitfire Day”, and there should be parties, and bonfires, and lots of kids enjoying themselves, and lots more people getting drunk following another of the old traditions of Britain; but there should also be absolutely no official celebrations where bloody politicians might spout, preen and spread their cancer; no solemn events where the self-elected ‘great and good’ come together to pat themselves on the back; no formal happenings other that those which are initiated by anything larger than a parish council or village assembly. The Royal Family would be invited, as the one exception to the previous banning order! As the reader may guess, I harbour a deep and abiding distrust of politicians of whatever hue, and anything which springs from the gross foulings of any gathering which holds any political belief in reverence should be immediately outlawed from any involvement in Spitfire Day forthwith!

The Fifteenth of August should ring aloud in the collective memories of anyone who is of sixty years of age or older, as it was on the Fifteenth day of August 1940 that Adolf Hitler unleashed his ‘Adlertag’, Eagle Day; his airborne prelude to his invasion of Britain; and it was only at the conclusion of the “Battle of Britain” that Hitler turned his attention to Russia in the belief that Britain depended upon Russia for material support, in the mistaken belief that the British Empire would shrivel on the vine of the Western shores of a Nazi-dominated Europe.

We should therefore collectively celebrate our deliverance from the foul stench which emanated from the old Germany, and when the British celebrate “Spitfire Day”, we should remember from whence we came, and where and when we stood in, to use the phrase of another British soul, “This Sceptred Isle”!

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