Who’s that guy waving the nuclear missile, Bub?

When the Government of the People’s Republic of China rest from their works while attempting to overhaul America, Japan and India as the world’s marketmaker, they really ought to have a quick look at the Elephant sitting not so quietly in the corner of the hallway. North Korea is making noises, and China is the only country in both the region and the world which that tiny, lunatic-lead bunch of losers and demagogues is gonna’ pay any attention to at all! Why, because the North Koreans know that the Communist Chinese are more than ruthless at stamping out dissension within their own huge country, and they also know that the People’s Republic have never shown any hesitation at action when it is in China’s interests to do so! The P.R.C. is possibly the ONLY country with enough muscle to get this megalo-maniac and his fellow-travelling circus to bend away from the nuclear lunacy which they seem hell-bent on heading towards at a great rate of speed, and it’s about time that China got acquainted with the gentle art of diplomacy, also known as Bullying!

Why should it always be America which has to act as the world’s policeman, when most of it’s own citizens don’t know where North Korea is, don’t want to know that they are waving missiles around like first-graders in a pencil shop; and for sure also don’t want to know that someone’s gotta’ step up to the plate and wave any size stick at these peak-capped weirdos with the very strange leader!