Give me a fast ship, for I intend to go in harms way.

Chinese Navy in Hong Kong 

Been mainly laid low for about a week with a bad case of the ‘Lurgi’, so haven’t been interested in blogging, surfing or any other ‘ing’; as I was too busy feeling sorry for myself. While doing nothing much, I listened to the reports of the war against Israel by Hezbollah, and the stories from England about the Asian Pakistani morons who thought they might bring death to the skies over the atlantic, but my attention was caught by an interesting item about the enlargement of the Chinese Navy, and how it was seen as the first in a series of power moves to dominate and influence a huge part of the globe. Now while I tend to agree with much of what the commentator had to say about the huge expansion of the People’s Liberation Army Navy, (dead keen on their acronyms, P.L.A.N. these fiendishly clever Chinese!), I wondered if any of the listeners cared to think through the story to the background. Before the start of the Second World War, many industrialists within the huge circle of massive Western companies made fortunes from selling steel, coal and other raw materials to an ever-expanding Nazi Germany economy, supplying it with the very sinews upon which those same Germans made war so efficiently. The same industrialists made further huge fortunes from selling more steel, iron, coal etc. to the armies and navies of the Allies, who had banded together to defeat the evil stench of Nazi-ism which leached out from Berchtesgaden, Berlin and Munich.

So why the history lesson, the reader might ask? Simple, when you buy a cheap Chinese-made lighting fixture from Wal-Mart, or Asda, or B&Q; when you buy some Chinese-manufactured gloves costing, say, £17.50 when the home-made variety costs £30.00; when you outfit your new kitchen with clever devices which are stamped “Made in China”, you, dear reader, are helping to fund the building and training of one of the new super destroyers which will form the backbone of the P.L.A. Navy planning for the next decade. Perhaps you will have given some of YOUR hard-earned cash towards the purchase of another FRENCH helicopter, which, fitted with the appropriate GERMAN-designed torpedoes, will sit on the fantail of this new 35-knot destroyer as she heads out in convoys to test the resolve of an ageing American carrier fleet! The Chinese dictators, as they sip their tea in their luxurious conference rooms, must be silently splitting their sides with helpless laughter as they watch the Western urge to buy ‘cheaper’, help fund the ultimate onslaught, which will and can only be between America and China. The Achilles heel of Taiwan, which America has silently pledged to help at all costs, makes the United States uniquely vulnerable to an expanded Chinese Navy, where a unique experiment in democracy, sitting three hundred miles away from the slave labour camps emergent factories of industrial China, is threatened by a military who could roll over them in two days, but plan to do it in three!

As I have maybe stated before, the solution is in your own pockets. Buy from Korea, from Japan, from Slovakia or even from Sheffield, but never, ever, buy from the markets which are dominated by a single imperative, to bring the Chinese version of Communism back to the hosts who previously laboured under the boots of the Soviets, and on from them to the rest of the world!