You put your right foot in, right foot out……..

Read an book named ‘An Old Captivity’ authored by Nevil Shute, which featured a story about Viking raiders who discovered North America, and was reminded about the time around 875 AD., somewhere loosely near Whitby on the coast of Yorkshire, when around the headland glided one of the infamous Viking longships, sail set taut and fully aloft, the crew of fierce warriors easily hauling on their oars as they propelled the longship onwards; the polished metal of the shields on the sides of the ship glistened in the sun, and the rhythm of the oarsmen only slowed as the boat slid to a gliding halt on the shingle beach. The raiders leapt over the gunwales of the craft into the water before running ashore in a disciplined race to end up in a perfect defence line facing their leader, an imposing figure in a feathered cloak!

Before the long ship had halted on the shore, a second longship appeared around the headland, heading for the shore as the first; the shields were bright, but not as polished as the leader’s, and the rigging and rowing was workmanlike, but not to the same standard as again, the leader! They also rowed and sailed ashore, climbed swiftly off the long ship, and marched to form up at right-angles to the first contingent at the Norse equivalent of Parade Rest!

While the second crew were disembarking, a third longship appeared around the headland, but this one sported a patched and loose mainsail, the oars were manned and moved as though every movement was a burden, the shields were tarnished and spattered with salt and blood, the longswords were nicked and dull! The vessel grounded with a sigh instead of a crunch, and the warriors fell over the sides and stumbled ashore, to line up with their comrades from ships one and two!

Once all had gathered, they all raised their swords, and called out, as one, “Hail Odin” before the cloaked leader stepped forward, speaking in a clear baritone voice;

“Norse Warriors, once more we come to deal our punishment to those weaklings who are not Vikings! Vessel One; fire and the sword!!”

At this invocation, the first crew shouted as one, “Hail Odin!”

The leader spoke again, “Vessel Two; pillage and plunder!” and the second crew also shouted “Hail Odin”.

The leader started to say, “Vessel Three,” but was interrupted by the first in line from the third long ship, a man with deep-sunken cheeks and a wan, pale complexion, similar to the rest of his crew, as he exclaimed dully, “Not rape again!”

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