Look, up there, that’s a flying pig!

Found some notes which I made about a final three minute slot on the BBC ‘Today’ programme a year ago, and found myself once more worrying about my blood pressure and nominal stress levels. Now the average reader may wonder why a single radio slot, developed around a reminiscence collection of broadcasts about the end of the war against Japan, including the use of atomic weapons for the first time; would annoy a sixty-four year old man so much that he was forced to worry about the effects on his health!
In attempting to answer this question, which of course is worrying the entire nation, glued as it no doubt is to the doings of a British Geordie; I would like to discuss a couple of things: firstly the editorial and production policies of the BBC. Here we have an organisation which is supposed to be impartial, with scrupulous regard to it’s Charter, but whose broadcast comment and opinion output, time and time again, leans towards the left in terms of approval and content, whose very editors and broadcasters, consciously or subconsciously, spew out the standard crap so beloved of the average Guardian reader, liberal, soft-left, multi-cultural approving, anti-right wing thought and belief; the list goes on!Next we turn to the choice of commentator chosen to respond to the BBC’s queries and commentaries.
In the case in question, that morning’s broadcast, they haul back Robert McNamara from wherever he has been interred for the past few years, and ask him carefully slanted questions about actions and orders given sixty years ago, and when he discloses the standardised rubbish about how things done were so unnecessary, and brutal, and all done because the American’s giving the orders didn’t care about anything bar trying out their new device, and how they wanted to just kill people!
The broadcast slot then turned to the statements, thoughts and actions of General Curtis LeMay, a U.S. Airforce General given the awesome responsibility of conducting the air war against the Japanese mainland; who was already aware of the levels of fanaticism endemic within the Japanese military structure; as his country’s ships were already being attacked by suicide-bent pilots in aircraft named ‘Kamikaze’. McNamara contemptuously referred to this fine officer as ‘Dr. Strangelove’, implying he was either mad, or just married to his own methods of mass destruction!
We were due to be treated (if that is the correct term) to another two days of this left-wing propaganda exercise, leading up to the date upon which the first nuclear weapon was deployed. No doubt there will be many wringing of hands, and many voices declaring that the Japanese were ready, in fact eager to surrender, and how the nasty United States went ahead and dropped both bombs because they wished to visit nuclear hell upon the perpetrators of the Pearl Harbour attack!Don’t these clowns know history? Do they not know that, despite Lemay’s fire bomb raids over Tokyo, the Allied planners of the Japanese mainland invasion were indicating that up to one million allied casualties were envisaged before the surrender of Japan? Do they not know that President Truman was actively canvassed by sixty scientists claiming that the bombing of Japan was unnecessary, and that he had to make the awesome decision whether to risk the lives of up to a million allied servicemen in an invasion, or use the bombs and kill maybe two hundred thousand of the enemy? Truman chose well, and the world is a better place for his decision!The B.B.C. should be ashamed of it’s slanted broadcasts, and should state so, but are we ever likely to hear and see such an apology? No bloody way!!!

I was reminded of this by another slot on the ‘Today’ programme, but this time it was about the memorial to be unveiled at Lincoln cathedral in honour of the men and women of Bomber Command who died during the Second World War. The truth that this arm of the wartime fighting services has long been besmirched because of one bombing raid, that of the attack over Dresden during February 1945.

55,000 died in the service of Great Britain while serving in Bomber Command, and not a single medal has been awarded to any member of Bomber Command because of some liberal queasiness over a bunch of nazis who got scorched
during a war fought some sixty years ago! And don’t anyone attempt to tell me that the Ordinary Germans weren’t Nazis! Just check out the faces on the
audiences at Nuremberg, or the rallies in Berlin and Munich!