The Deafening Silence!

Having watched as the dust settled over the Hez’Ballah rocket craters, the mine damage and the Israeli air bombing, I wonder if anyone has noticed the truly strange and wondrous silence from most areas of the print and television media over the single biggest scandal within that same area of news and comment? I refer to the digital altering of photographs of dead and wounded resulting from the carnage in Lebanon. I refer to the stage-managed video footage, (which was worthy of at least three Oscars, or an Emmy, where dead or badly injured (or presumed dead or injured) victims were ferried out of the place where they had been trapped, and placed in ambulances. Now what, you might ask, is wrong in the television and print photographers filming this activity. It is wholly wrong if the entire action sequences were stage-managed by Hez’Ballah overseers; it is criminal if these photos and videos were presented to a watching world as fact, rather than stage-managed fiction. I am not for one second claiming that these people, both young and adult, had not been killed or injured.No, what I am stating is that their presumed recovery, rescue and deliverance was brilliantly orchestrated by a well-organised and co-ordinated group of Hez’Ballah terrorists to further their own ends of negative publicity towards the actions of the Israeli armed forces! The first instance documented was when Reuters sent out a ‘Kill’ notice on a previously authorised photograph taken by an Arabic stringer named Adnan Hajji, as they had decided that he had ‘Photoshopped’ the image of smoke rising over Beirut so as to make it more extensive and hence dramatic! Further instances of ‘Arab Photography’ followed with the addition of extra rocket exhaust trails from an Israeli jet. Unfortunately, the changes failed to fool observers, as the trails in question were from flares fired by the same fighter jet in self-protection against standard surface-to-air missiles! The long and tortured saga of “Green Helmet” started to surface in the immediate aftermath of the bombing of Qana. The first photographs, of a ‘rescue worker’ complete with anguished features, holding the body of a small child aloft were published to a waiting world, all to eager to believe that those dastardly Israelis were behind this new evidence of slaughter and carnage! Unfortunately, the off-screen directors got a little bit too enthusiastic with the ‘reality’ bit, and the truth started to leak out; the truth being that there weren’t quite as many dead as was first advertised in ‘Hiz’Ballahgate’, and those that were dead had been dug up and then re-buried for the cameras!

Can you hear that strange noise? That’s just a few cats being let out of a few bags! Nothing to worry about! All is well! Trust us; we’re television and print reporters, producers and directors!

We only bring you the TRUTH!

2 thoughts on “The Deafening Silence!

  1. Good comments. I have also been covering this situation. Keep up the pressure.

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