2996…………When we too were carefree!

The drive for this post came from a regular visit made to Blackfive, a Military Blogger based in America, where I first saw and promptly signed up for this task. The post gave some small detail of the work required of two thousand, nine hundred and ninety-six (2996) bloggers each to write about a randomly-assigned person who was murdered by the fanatical scum who masqueraded as human beings in order to board the four jets which ploughed into the Twin Towers, the Pentagon and a remote field in Pennysylvania.

Joanne Rubino was 45 years old when she took her final journey towards her daily job with Marsh & Mclennan in the World Trade Centre complex in downtown Manhattan. We cannot know how she died, whether she perished in the first conflagration, or whether she tried to escape by ascending towards the roof; such is sheer speculation. We do know that she died as a casualty in a world-wide war waged by ruthless, fanatical, shadowy figures who hide behind outlandish names, and wide-eyed fools who are swayed by inflammatory rhetoric posing as calls from a religion! We don’t know if she was afraid, or brave as death approached; as ordinary humans, such things are sensibly hidden from us. We can but surmise of this lady’s fate, and of her passing; simply put she was one of nearly three thousand who’s lives were summarily snuffed out as a candle flame might dissappear in a momentary gust of wind!

The true reasons why the hi-jackers aimed their jet-powered weapons at the Pentagon, at the highest towers which loomed over Manhattan and where United Flight 93 raced into the ground are many, stupid and in the end, self-defeating! Envy must be high in that sorry list, as well as jealousy, but how could anyone be envious of Joanne Rubino? She lived with her ailing mother, she worked in Manhattan, she was not rich, or famous, or distinguished by huge achievements or accomplishments. She was sufficiently aware of her privileged status as an American that she gave away her scarf to a homeless person because they needed it more than she did! Her memory is enshrined in her family’s thoughts, as well as the collective memorials of her employer and the many listings dedicated to the tragedy of September 11th 2001!

The lists stretch the imagination, the two thousand nine hundred and ninety-six victims almost too large to comprehend; the photo and video montages catch your breath, the sheer physical toll taken out of the Manhattan skyline partly give some estimate of the true disaster which hit New York on that fateful morning, but, imagine, dear reader, if you can, the simple figure of Joanne Rubino who sits, smiling, for a photograph; and then imagine her………………………………………………………………NOT!

5 thoughts on “2996…………When we too were carefree!

  1. Joanne was a friend of mine about 30 years ago. We traveled together, laughed together, cried together. We talked about our boyfriends, our families, our jobs. We saw each other through good times and bad. We then lost touch years later. Our lives went different ways. I often thought of her. I thought of calling her to see how she was doing but always left it for tomorrow. But life goes by fast and tomorrow never came. I learned of Joanne’s HORRIBLE fate and cried. I will always remember her.

  2. There are many kind souls like Joanne, who don’t have much but who give so much. As I was trying to find information about the young woman for my tribute, I kept coming across these sites with the lists of names. It was so painful to look at.

    I can’t let myself imagine what it must have been like for those people to die, what their final moments were, if they had time to think about dying. For me, it is better to learn about their lives before this attack and remember them with dignity. That is easier said than done, because with every tribute I read, I want to cry.

    As for the terrorists, I hope they get their just desserts, both on this earth and in the afterlife. Very misguided, hateful souls. Feel sorry for them.

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