Suffer the little children to come unto me

I wrote a piece on an early blog about immigration, and through the research which I carried out I learnt the truth of our very own Migrant Scandal! But this one isn’t about people trying to get in, it’s about children being sent out! This scandal which is still only vaguely known about in Britain, the scandal being the literal thousands of children, placed in care, mainly in Catholic and Anglican Churches, Local Council and Barnardo’s private care homes, whose lives were changed completely by their being sent to Australia, Rhodesia, Canada and New Zealand! Now these children were not orphans, far from it, many were the subject of court orders due to family breakdowns, some from family illnesses, the usual strife which happens to many families in this country. But what happened to them was just as bad as kidnap! The church groups, some Catholic, some Anglican, connived with the Government and took it upon themselves to judge that the families from where these vulnerable youngsters had been removed were not fit to raise families, and so the decision was made, without recourse to any legal framework whatsoever, to consign hundreds of these children to journeys sometimes to the other side of the world, to be placed sometimes with foster families, many with farming families, and some with religious-run homes allied to churches.

The fate of these children, unknown for decades, was diabolical in both it’s intent and it’s execution. As was stated in Parliament “”It is now a matter of public record that this organisation [the Catholic Church] and its agencies deceived us and deceived our parents. It is also a matter of public record that they contravened the immigration laws of Australia. For their own ulterior motives they took the law into their own hands believing that they knew what was best for us and for our parents” One unwilling migrant stated “ 87% of all children from Catholic agencies came to Australia without the consent of their parents. 96% of those sent had one or both parents alive … Canon Flint, the Superintendent of the Father Hudson Home claimed that the children had been orphaned. This is patently untrue.”

The fact that there were many children in care homes in Britain is without doubt, but the fact that their ‘export’ was done with financial motives in mind is also indisputable! “They cost too much to keep,” was the assertion of one Select Committee report pointed out that they were costing more than anticipated. The position of the government was simple, the Colonies needed more white people, there was a plentiful supply in the care homes, and the places they were being sent to were all either in the care of religion groups, or carefully chosen foster families. Given the present day cases of peadophile priests which have come out in America, Ireland and England, there could not have been a worse decision. As one elderly migrant explained “England deserted us children in the most cruellest fashion in our biggest hour of need. A former child migrant wrote listing numerous mental, physical and sexual outrages against him, particularly at Bindoon, an institution run by the Christian Brothers in Western Australia. He wrote: “I am reminded of these experiences everyday of my life, however hard I try, I simply cannot forget” The enquiry, held by the House of Lords, concluded and printed in 1998, was wide-ranging in it’s scope, but limited in it’s actions, mainly ‘hoping’ that these unfortunate people were given respite from their search for their forebears, and that a fund be set up to allow for their passages back to Britain if they wished to seek their relatives!

I contacted my M.P., in an attempt to establish what steps were ultimately taken to help the thousands of people who were legally kidnapped from British soil, and sent far away without their parents, brothers or sisters being made aware that they were even still alive! As far as can be ascertained, less than three hundred British citizens made the tearful return trip to the land of their birth, to be re-united with loved ones whom they had never known existed!