He died for a packet of chips!

Remember Richard Whelan? Didn’t think so! Allow me to remind you of the circumstances!

Richard Whelan was stabbed on a London bus after objecting to some thug throwing chips at his girlfriend and other passengers. The black murderer casually walked away, and left the bus as his victim lay dying on the pavement. I mention this killing, not because of the savagery of the attack, not because it was so random in nature, but because of the lack of publicity.

No nation-wide appeals for his killer to be brought to justice! No funeral mass in a cathedral! No high profile discussions on late-night television! No outpouring of grief on television! No grim-faced senior policemen interviewed on the t.v. news vowing to catch the perpetrator! No column of grief-stricken friends and relatives being paraded before the media, to show how much he was missed! Just a stunned girlfriend, sobbing her heart out in private!

Contemplate now the other death of another victim, the Liverpool teenager Anthony Walker. His death was accorded all the things which conspicuously were missing from Mr. Whelan’s murder! Could it be that his death was somehow more important, more newsworthy; or could it be that the teenager was black, and his alleged assailants white; whereas Richard Whelan was white, and his killer was black?  We are told that Walker’s killing was guiven prominence because it was a ‘racial’ killing, as though the very term ‘racial’ somehow makes it special!

Young Mr. Walker’s attackers were caught, and tried, and sentenced. Not so Richard Whelan’s killer. He’s still out there, smirking, no doubt, as he senses that the search has cooled down, and he’s virtual;ly got away with murder!

Ever thought that there would be such different treatments of two murders? Couldn’t be that there was a slight touch of, well, Whelan was only another white guy, but Walker was young, clever and BLACK? No, couldn’t possibly be that, we are all supposed to be equal in this country of ours, alive or dead!

Wash your mouth out, Mike; nasty thoughts!!!!

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