Smoke? Screw?

Read this story about how the N.H.S. will be denying smokers treatment until they change their habits and stop smoking. This gels with the earlier story about obese patients being denied hip or knee surgery until they lose weight. Now I’m not arguing with the premise that smoking is bad for the health of the smoker; in fact I am a reformed smoker myself, cutting down from sixty a day to zero in a week!

However, I do believe in the old idea of ‘sauce for goose’ etc., so I am wondering why we have seen no stories about homosexuals being denied extremely expensive treatments for H.I.V. and A.I.D.S, because they brought all their problems on themselves by their perverted lifestyles and sexual preferences!

Just asking?????

2 thoughts on “Smoke? Screw?

  1. tricky84,

    No, I haven’t recieved any threats, death or otherwise, and if I had, I would not take any notice of them!

    As for the origins of H.I.V. and A.I.D.’s, I believe it is a simple case of ‘as you sow, so shall you reap!’ It is correct that the spread of H.I.V. is more prevalent within heterosexuals these days, but this is due to factors such as drug use, lack of education, majority of cases being in Africa as the population is guided by witch-doctors and tribal prejudices; along with the truth that H.I.V.-infected people disguise their plight in order to gratify their still-active libidos! So, although ‘promiscuity’ might be held to be partly to blame, I think it is a fact that the homosexual community, being as it is of such a transient and promiscuous nature in the main, are the true progenitors of this terrible affliction!

    To return to the question in my original post; if I suffered sun-burns when I was at sea, I was at risk of being punished for ‘self-inflicted injury’, and the same applies to the homosexual clowns who risk their, and their partner’s health, by a perversion of the sex act which is a natural phenomenon!

  2. Are you deliberately trying to antagonise people? Don’t get me wrong, I can see where you’re coming from. I can also see what types of comments this is going to generate in response.

    Have you received any death threats yet? 😛

    The problem with AIDS and HIV now is that, its not only restricted to those “perverted homosexuals” (which is wasn’t actually, in the first case anyway. They were just the scapegoats for a global panic regarding this new disease in the 1990’s). AIDS and HIV can easily be transmitted between those “unperverted” heterosexual couples. I think what you probably SHOULD have said was “promiscuity” being the thing to blame, as the more partners you go through, the more chance you have of getting either HIV or AIDS, and spreading it.

    The fact that our media and entertainment industry seems bent on promoting images like “playas” and “ho’s” doesn’t really help the issue. Girls as young as 13 are going out and losing their virginity to boys older than they are. What chance do you think they are going to have at remaining a couple for the rest of their lives? Slim to none? I think you’d be right on the mark there, which doesn’t say much about society today.

    Just think about it

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