A tale of three families!

As most of us are blessed with good memories, but some are not, I would just like to remind you of the happenings and aftermaths of one of the most horrific crimes of our recent history. Most, if seeing the name ‘Jamie Bulger’ will remember immediately the history of that murder of an innocent little boy, a boy whose life was snuffed out before he had a chance to do little else besides capture the hearts of his parents and his nearest relatives! Here was a child, and he truly could be called a child, who was snatched from his push-chair, walked along by his abductors, who when questioned by a slightly-worried passer-by, was told that they were returning him to his mother! He was taken to a stretch of waste ground, and assaulted to such a degree that one hardened Policeman, who had actually viewed the pitiful small remains, was quoted as saying he had “never seen such ferocity” perpetrated on the body of a victim of crime!

The killers, and I call them killers because that is what they were; were tracked down, apprehended, charged, sentenced and committed to where and what? Not to prison, or a detention centre; but instead to a “secure youth facility”! There they were given only the best, protected by law against the truly desperate grieving relatives, who only wanted vengeance for the terrible deed done against that small body, and kept safe until the age of eighteen years. Then, after an intervention by the highest sector of the British judicial system, both were freed, given new identities and allegedly a great deal of money from taxpayers funds, and total anonymity in their new identities under pain of contempt of court proceedings against anyone who publishes anything leading to their new lives!

This as reward for the blinding of Jamie by pouring paint into his eyes, for jumping on his tiny genitals, for pushing batteries up his little anus, and then pulling the batteries out again by the use of twisted wire; before laying his tortured, still breathing body on a railway line and hoping that the train wheels would destroy their vicious, perverted assault on a defenceless two year-old boy!

So there you have it, The great British justice system demonstrated in all it’s glory! On one side, you have two young killers, given anonymity, new identities and residences, given an education and a chance to live in glory with the proceeds of their crime; and on the other, a grief-stricken mother, divorced and alone, a father so bitter that he was arrested while attempting to discover where the two killers were kept, a cold marble headstone and a few web-sites.

I ask very little, but this I do; read all the pages showing in the ‘link’, and then ask yourself if JUSTICE was indeed served?
Remember the blindfold figure on top of the Royal Courts building, with the balance held in her hand? The balance seems somewhat one-sided, does it not?