Get the HELL out of my life!!!

Got wind of the latest ‘idea’ from ‘Big Brother’ over at Hewitt’s lot, in other words your friendly, ever-helpful National Health Service!

 Seems as if they’re planning to upload all our details, from the slightly annoying details about ingrown toenails to the devastating news that you have been diagnosed with a life-threatening illness or condition; onto the national Database where anyone, and I do mean anyone, can either get fulldetails, or a damn good idea, about your full personal circumstances, through the click of a mouse!

 NOt only that, but your details, heavily disguised with an encryption code which can be broken by a nine-year-old with a lap-top, will be freely available to MORI and anyone else who cares to fork out the money!

 IN order to delay the inevitable, the reader is invited to got to THE BIG OPT-OUT site, download the prepared letter, and send off to your G.P. immediately, so you cannot be regarded as JUST ANOTHER BLOODY NUMBER!

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