Honour the Honourable!

It’s ‘Tommy this’ and ‘Tommy that’, and ‘kick him out the brute’, but it’s saviour of his country when the guns begin to shoot!

Those prophetic words from Kipling illustrate the old, and now newer versions of the British attitude towards those who wear the Uniform, and swear an oath of fealty to the Crown. From the disgraceful barring of two Royal Marines from an ‘Australia’ themed bar, through the stupid and silly threats to subject soldiers who are literally fighting for their lives to civilian criminal trials, based on biased and corrupt witness statements, which almost always collapse under scrutiny. We have some of the best fighting men under arms in the world, and we treat them like dirt! We tell them to fight the wars which we choose, and then we spit on their service! The politicians love to get their pictures taken alongside the men and their guns, but dislike having to supply the right gun, or indeed having to pay for both the rifle and the bloody bullets. I do not have a great deal of time for the B.N.P., but their memorable election broadcast of eighteen months ago hit the spot, with it’s depiction of the drunken ex-soldier condemned to shuffle through the dustbins, while the economic migrants and bogus asylum-seekers get the council accommodation which he felt should have been his!

All honour to the British Armed Forces, who do a really crappy job in a professional manner, despite being let down left, right and centre by a pack of lying, devious, useless political parasites!