“Wanna’ buy a Eurofighter, Mohammed?”

Heard and read quite a bit about the latest blackmail cum smash-and-grab robbery nodded through by this so-called Government of ours. I refer of course to the disgraceful termination of the Serious Fraud Office’s (SFO) enquiry into allegations that BAE Systems, Britain’s biggest defence company, paid over £60 million into a slush fund account for the Saudi Royals!

Now I always thought that if you place a law on the Statute books, you then get to persecute prosecute any offender, like when the full weight of the law descended on Steve Thorburn for the horrendous offence of selling a pound of apples instead of 225 grams of apples! So when the SFO is alerted by the BBC that things are slightly less then sunny in the Saudi camp, they decide to ‘go for it’ and start their investigations. But when the Saudi royals who have lived high on the hoof in Europe, screwing all the local bum-boys and blonde whores in the process, while being all ‘koranic’ and simple-life-style-guys in their shithole of a country get to hear that the sniffers have started looking at the Swiss bank accounts, they get all shirty and demand of their paid-for servant Tony Bliar that he stops the enquiry in it’s tracks, and just let the money flow!

So the question must be asked, is it one Law for the Steve’s of this country, and another for the money-dumpers who supplied cash to the drunken Royal arsehole bandits who rule in Saudi Arabia?

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