So you’re queer, and you’re out, and lo-and-behold, no-one gives a damn! At the same time, two lesbian friends of yours come out at the same time, and what’s more, t hey decided to ‘tie the knot’ at the same time and place you do! You feel all warm and ‘glowy’ inside! But you don’t neglect the financial aspects, because you now are covered against the despoliation of your savings by the ‘Wicked Baron Grumpy Brown’ whose big axe with the ‘chancellor’ engraved down the haft would otherwise have come calling for a 40% slice of your home and savings if one of you kicked the bucket!

So, all’s well that ends well? Not so? Why are you unhappy? Because you’ve just found out that two really old ladies, sisters nearly in their nineties are gonna’ get slammed by that very same ‘Grumpy Brown’ because they aren’t covered by that legislation! That’s New Labour, good to their Bent Friends, like Passport Mandy; but really stern on the unfortunate people who just don’t fit into their little pigeon-holes properly!!