“There’ll always be an England…..”

Found this little gem whilst trawling through the Online Petitions pages of 10 Downing Street, and thought I’d like to share the news that ‘all is not yet lost’!

“We the undersigned petition the Prime Minister to Raise all British sunk ships from the bottom of the sea and sell them all for scrapping – the bottom of the sea is not a waste landfill!. 

Since 1914 many British ships have been sunk all over the world. Please make it compulsory for our nation to raise them all from the bottom of the sea and sell them all for scrapping to British shipyards. The bottom of the sea is not a waste landfill! This will not only clear the bottom of the sea, but also save us lots of steel. Stop being a hostile of the environment, Mr. Blair!”

More reasons not to shop………

Just imagine if, at the age of 87, you drop into your local supermarket to buy a bottle of sherry, and you are then questioned as to your AGE!Jack Archer, once Lord Mayor of York, served as a Gunner with the Royal Artillery during World War Two, and was also awarded the MBE, was initially taken aback by the query, but persisted, advising the very youthful checkout-attendant that he was over the legal age limit for drinking alcohol!

Now the store in question, Morrison’s, has defended it’s actions by observing that “We simply wish to make sure that we satisfy our moral and legal obligations with regard to the sale of alcohol. As a member of the Retail Alcohol Standards Group, we take our responsibility with regard to selling alcohol very seriously and have procedures in place designed to ensure that we meet all legal requirements.” They went on to further defend their policies by saying “Store staff are trained to be highly vigilant in the sale of alcohol and the detection of potential underage purchases.”

Now whether this is just a one-off, with a really thick checkout clown who doesn’t know the difference between the elderly and the youthful, bolstered by a store management who got stung by selling alcohol to someone under the age limit, I don’t know; but I fear that we are seeing the first steps in a new, censorious policy by marketers who firmly believe that people should do as they are told, and as this youngster obviously thought the man was too old to hold his booze, decided that he shouldn’t buy it!

Cast not the first stone!

What is it with this bunch of self-righteous clowns who designate new words and phrases to describe old problems, all in the cause of not offending anyone, including the bloody cat; while being totally and utterly politically correct?The Health Commission reported on conditions in a hospital which held and gave a home to what used to be known as Mentally-Handicapped patients, but who are now know as ‘Patients with Learning Disabilities! Yep, their disability is that they cannot learn, because they are bloody handicapped, through either genetic defects, or injury or any number of causes; but they are just that, Bloody Handicapped! So why not say it like it is?One of the patients had been raped by a (wait for it) Care worker, (some bloody caring) and the staff had been using some pretty basic restraint techniques in order to get their inmate charges washed, dresses and fed while striving to cope with being severely under-staffed. Now while I can’t honestly say that I am happy with these hospital people tying a patient’s wrist to a splint in order to prevent her shoving her hand in her mouth all the time, I can possibly understand how these practices come to pass!

While a change is maybe due, the staff should not be condemned for simply trying to cope with a bunch of adults who have the collective mental age of about three!

Future (Z)imperfect

As I understand it, the British Empire, which was, for over nearly one hundred and sixty years, the greatest civilising influence ever seen upon this planet, was slowly dissolved, forming the Commonwealth! The dissolution was mainly peaceful, with some notable aberrations, such as South Africa where the Boers fought the British Army until force of numbers, superior weaponry and, belatedly, better leadership drove them from the field! Cyprus also springs to my mind, as another area where once British soldiers fought a deadly campaign against a ruthless terrorist enemy, only to welcome and work alongside the indigenous populations towards an amicable settlement, (not that that lasted for very long!)But If I can tear your attention away from the areas of local and national politics, with IRA terrorists discussing whether to accept all of the rule of law, etc. etc., or only bits of it, long enough to focus upon one sorry little patch of African soil, I would remind you that Zimbabwe, the former Southern Rhodesia, is still suffering, is still being pillaged by Mugabe and his Zanu-P.F. zealots, is still wearing the (not so) proud emblem of +2000% inflation, the stupidity, demagoguery and theft which is endemic in this apology for a Government has downgraded the prospects of it’s inhabitants so they might survive for a measly 37 years; and the list of failure goes on, and on, and on!

We don’t hold any responsibility for the plight of these poor wretches, but if we cannot physically alter their suffering, the least we, as a Nation should be doing is to remind nations such as South Africa that their neighbour is suffering, and they should speak out to remonstrate with the idiots who helped produce such headlines as this!

Important announcement (possibly)

The fastest growing petition on the 10 Downing Street website is one which asks that ‘road-pricing’ and associated plans be abolished, or removed from future plans for this lousy government of ours!Now I think I’ve said it before, but I’ll repeat it, there’s absolutely no harm in visiting the website and signing up for this, or indeed any other petition on the pages; but before you click over, and spend a fraction of your time adding your name, e-mail etc. to the over-400,000 other signers of this particular petition, just remember who you are asking to remove something which will raise an awful lot of money for that self-same Government!

Good advice; or lunacy abroad?

Wandered onto an American food safety site, and came away as though I’d been hit with a large wet, flat fish across the face!

 Seems as though, all the years I’ve been taking my wife (and sometimes family as well) I’ve been placing them in grave danger, according to some advice on this same website!

Before ordering our food, apparently I should have called out, presuma-bly in a loud voice, to “ask that your food be prepared without partially hydrogenated vegetable oil” as cooking in this substance considerably raises the risks of heart disease!

 Where do these people come from?