Future (Z)imperfect

As I understand it, the British Empire, which was, for over nearly one hundred and sixty years, the greatest civilising influence ever seen upon this planet, was slowly dissolved, forming the Commonwealth! The dissolution was mainly peaceful, with some notable aberrations, such as South Africa where the Boers fought the British Army until force of numbers, superior weaponry and, belatedly, better leadership drove them from the field! Cyprus also springs to my mind, as another area where once British soldiers fought a deadly campaign against a ruthless terrorist enemy, only to welcome and work alongside the indigenous populations towards an amicable settlement, (not that that lasted for very long!)But If I can tear your attention away from the areas of local and national politics, with IRA terrorists discussing whether to accept all of the rule of law, etc. etc., or only bits of it, long enough to focus upon one sorry little patch of African soil, I would remind you that Zimbabwe, the former Southern Rhodesia, is still suffering, is still being pillaged by Mugabe and his Zanu-P.F. zealots, is still wearing the (not so) proud emblem of +2000% inflation, the stupidity, demagoguery and theft which is endemic in this apology for a Government has downgraded the prospects of it’s inhabitants so they might survive for a measly 37 years; and the list of failure goes on, and on, and on!

We don’t hold any responsibility for the plight of these poor wretches, but if we cannot physically alter their suffering, the least we, as a Nation should be doing is to remind nations such as South Africa that their neighbour is suffering, and they should speak out to remonstrate with the idiots who helped produce such headlines as this!

Important announcement (possibly)

The fastest growing petition on the 10 Downing Street website is one which asks that ‘road-pricing’ and associated plans be abolished, or removed from future plans for this lousy government of ours!Now I think I’ve said it before, but I’ll repeat it, there’s absolutely no harm in visiting the website and signing up for this, or indeed any other petition on the pages; but before you click over, and spend a fraction of your time adding your name, e-mail etc. to the over-400,000 other signers of this particular petition, just remember who you are asking to remove something which will raise an awful lot of money for that self-same Government!