Cast not the first stone!

What is it with this bunch of self-righteous clowns who designate new words and phrases to describe old problems, all in the cause of not offending anyone, including the bloody cat; while being totally and utterly politically correct?The Health Commission reported on conditions in a hospital which held and gave a home to what used to be known as Mentally-Handicapped patients, but who are now know as ‘Patients with Learning Disabilities! Yep, their disability is that they cannot learn, because they are bloody handicapped, through either genetic defects, or injury or any number of causes; but they are just that, Bloody Handicapped! So why not say it like it is?One of the patients had been raped by a (wait for it) Care worker, (some bloody caring) and the staff had been using some pretty basic restraint techniques in order to get their inmate charges washed, dresses and fed while striving to cope with being severely under-staffed. Now while I can’t honestly say that I am happy with these hospital people tying a patient’s wrist to a splint in order to prevent her shoving her hand in her mouth all the time, I can possibly understand how these practices come to pass!

While a change is maybe due, the staff should not be condemned for simply trying to cope with a bunch of adults who have the collective mental age of about three!