More reasons not to shop………

Just imagine if, at the age of 87, you drop into your local supermarket to buy a bottle of sherry, and you are then questioned as to your AGE!Jack Archer, once Lord Mayor of York, served as a Gunner with the Royal Artillery during World War Two, and was also awarded the MBE, was initially taken aback by the query, but persisted, advising the very youthful checkout-attendant that he was over the legal age limit for drinking alcohol!

Now the store in question, Morrison’s, has defended it’s actions by observing that “We simply wish to make sure that we satisfy our moral and legal obligations with regard to the sale of alcohol. As a member of the Retail Alcohol Standards Group, we take our responsibility with regard to selling alcohol very seriously and have procedures in place designed to ensure that we meet all legal requirements.” They went on to further defend their policies by saying “Store staff are trained to be highly vigilant in the sale of alcohol and the detection of potential underage purchases.”

Now whether this is just a one-off, with a really thick checkout clown who doesn’t know the difference between the elderly and the youthful, bolstered by a store management who got stung by selling alcohol to someone under the age limit, I don’t know; but I fear that we are seeing the first steps in a new, censorious policy by marketers who firmly believe that people should do as they are told, and as this youngster obviously thought the man was too old to hold his booze, decided that he shouldn’t buy it!