Keep your cash in your pocket!

Listened on Classic FM to an advert for some charity or other, which commenced by telling us how many children died during the time it took to listen to the commercial, then invited the listeners to donate whatever to the fund to fight ‘early death’ or whatever; one of the multitude of charities fighting and begging for our attention and our money. Now I have nothing in principle against donating to charity, and if that is what you wish to do with your money, that’s entirely up to the reader; but have you ever sat back and considered why we are being asked to donate larger and ever larger sums to aid so-called ‘under-developed’ countries and the people who live inside these countries?

Consider our history as a time line, with a baseline somewhere around 1500 A.D. In Europe, we saw the birth of the Renaissance, with painting, sculpture and music being highlighted by mainly benevolent rulers; advances in engineering, medicine and culture, with hiccups provided by war, pestilence and religious upheaval. We saw the birth of the travels of the great explorers, many of whom were also serial bandits, but that was the way of things; the Ottoman invasion reached as far as Austria and Spain, but they were repulsed and sent packing. From the Far East, the Chinese sent marine expeditions towards India and Java, while at home they invented gunpowder and printing. The Japanese traditions in martial arts, literature and music flourished! Have you noticed anything or anyone missing? Of course you have, Africa for one! While Europe was hurling itself forward in seven different directions; while the Far Eastern nations were working out who was top dog, the whole of the African continent was just sitting there like a big soft clump; no cultural initiatives, no explorers, no push for the new and distant; the whole continent just stagnated in tribal ignorance and poverty!

What, you may ask, has this got to do with a request for donations to some well-meaning charity? Well, I’ll tell you my view! The sorry truth is that the whole continent, wracked as it is with serial pestilence such as AIDS, corruption, tribal ignorance and just plain downright larceny by the rulers and some of the inhabitants, should be let go and rot, because if we continue to give, the tiny bunch of long-term thieves and vagabonds who masquerade as African governments will accept our money with open hands, while completely ignoring the desperate need for change within their own ranks! What can be done with a society such as that in South Africa, where the practice of virgin rape is preached and practiced, when the young and not-so-young males are encouraged by the ‘sangoma’ or witch doctor to attack and rape the young and defenceless girls of their own villages, because that will act as a ‘cure’ for the AIDS that these so-called men have succumbed to, because they cannot understand that to undertake promiscuous sexual activities, whether homo- or hetero-sexual without precautions will inevitably lead to HIV and AIDS!