Just stop the clock!

Consider the Germany of 1923; with inflation so bad that even the banks couldn’t print enough to keep pace with the surging demand for this useless paper. People took home their day’s pay in wheelbarrows, but by the time they went to spend it, it had already decreased in value so much that they needed double the amount first planned! Now in strict human terms, we are gifted with a certain amount of natural memory, so, one would think, it wouldn’t happen again! But remember it hitting many countries in Latin America, and then you realise that memories are indeed short! But time makes clever people, so one would think that maybe most governments have seen the light; think again, because there is Zimbabwe.

This once productive land, where they not only fed themselves, but exported huge surpluses to the south and the north, is slowly bleeding to death from hyper-inflation! While the idiots and brain-dead couch-potatoes of Britain watched the only show truly designed for morons, namely ‘Celebrity Big Brother’, a blogger writes, ” an elderly man had died, and his widow was forced to make some of the most heart-breaking and expensive decisions in their lives. The request was made for a cremation so that the ashes could be later given to the family. Cremations are undertaken in Harare but there is no gas in the country for the ovens. It may be three weeks, at the very least, before a cremation could be done. For each single day that the body was kept at the funeral home the widow would be charged half of her entire monthly pension. A simple burial in a local cemetery in the least expensive coffin now costs 400 000 dollars. This is the same as six months salary for one of the doctors presently on strike.” The blog goes on:- “Young and old, professionals and workers – we are all alike in this horrible reality of Zimbabwe – we cannot afford to live or to die here.

This is reality in Zimbabwe. Not reality TV, not a game show, just grim, sickening reality. We are a country that needs and deserves the world’s attention. Is anyone watching?”