A silence of sounds!

There has appeared within the wider world of Blogging an attempt to bring some form of self-regulation to the wide-open world of blogging, and I must admit to an intense feeling of annoyance when first reading this comprehensive poppy-cock!

This self-appointed guru Tim Reilly wants us all to self-censor content, as well as scrutinise and sanitise comment on our blog-sites! Well, BALLS to Mr. Reilly!

I shall continue to post exactly as I please on my own site, and if anyone dislikes it, they can all piss off somewhere else and desist from reading these pages. I already check what is allowed to appear within the comments section, and delete those, usually obscene or offensive, comments posted as well as all the SPAM crap which gets through the filters! If they are upset or offended; GOOD! That’s the whole purpose of this sort of writing; to be able to say exactly what you wish, and if someone doesn’t like it, TOUGH!

The sounds of silence!

Checking through some of the blogs who have visited my site recently, I came across a little treasure-trove of items which didn’t get anywhere near the BBC screens or microphones!

Long gone are the days when the Beeb was looked upon as impartial, or even-handed; now it’s down there in the muck with such prime examples of journalistic integrity as Fox News and Radio Moscow!