And why not?

A columnist in the Daily Mail, one Richard Littlejohn, has the temerity to tell the voters of Britain whom they should NOT vote for. He diversifies his attack upon a legally-constituted and democratically-run political party by stating that, if people wish to protest, they should try UKIP, or the English Democrats, or anyone but his non-favourite party, the B.N.P.

Now I much prefer to keep my political inclinations to myself, and my political statements are made in attacking all three main Parties, as I consider them all much the same, which is fairly useless, but I would never ever advise anyone to cast their vote as an alternate to a Party with which I disagree.

The British National Party may be many things, but the one thing they are not is a Party which sets it’s policies as decided by asking people what they believe in, and then altering their policies to suit.

As a group, the B.N.P. carries certain baggage along with their checkered history, but I cannot believe that by voting for a B.N.P. candidate, a voter is sounding the death-knell of British Democracy. From my own reading of their policies and statements, I would say that they deserve as much consideration as any other of the opposed parties, and maybe even more than some!

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