A ‘correct’ response!


I hear that the bloke in charge of the peadophile squads and child protection is mumbling on about how all perverts who use the internet to view child pornography need not be jailed for a very long time, and how they would be ‘encouraged’ to contact the authorities if they knew they were giving way to these urges, and they could then be helped before actually carrying out their sick dreams. He’s called Jim Gamble, and apart from allegedly once being a hard-nosed ex-R.U.C man, also seems to be another who’ve joined the chorus of “Let’s not be beastly to these misunderstood men”, whilst of course wringing his hands and trying to look saintly!


Doesn’t this fool know that by the very act of viewing this sewage, they are prolonging the perversions enacted upon the innocent!

Dear God, where do these people get their ideas from? It’s no good saying, “Oh, well, he’s just looking!” The only time when a pervert should not be placed in the slammer for a very long time is when the bastard’s dead, and there are many who would like to shorten that time available to most of the scum! 


One thought on “A ‘correct’ response!

  1. Of course the root cause of this nonsense is not that our police are converting to hand-wringing liberal inadequacy overnight. The bald fact is that our prisons are full – over 99.5% full to be exact.

    Everyone who works in the criminal “justice” “system” knows this, and accommodates themselves to the crisis accordingly.

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