They don’t understand what ‘Democracy’ means!

Listening and watching the latest trauma happening as we watch in the Gaza Strip, and of course coming soon to a West Bank town near you, I sometimes wonder if the Americans ever regret pushing the unlikely idea of democratic elections for the Palestinians. The two opposing Parties, if they can be termed such, both espouse extreme violence, with Hamas being the slightly more bloodthirsty of the pair. Fatah is the more corrupt, monetarily speaking of course, as the millions of dollar which were contributed by the other Arab states, and which disappeared into the Swiss banking network of the late AIDS-riddled Yasser Arafat and his blood-sucking wife could testify, if they were ever traced. Hamas, being an Islamist Party, is opposed to any corruption, apart, that is, from the endemic corruption of receiving millions of dollars from Iran to aid them in their terror campaign against Israel.

So the allegedly-informed Palestinian electorate had a choice between two entities.  A Party which whispered that, when the moon was in the correct quarter, and the chicken entrails had been correctly read, they were prepared to talk with Israel about, well, everything; including cash, water and survival! Or the second alternative, a Party whose founding philosophy was the utter destruction of the State of Israel; a Party whose rockets slammed into Tel Aviv and the towns and villages of Northern Galilee. A party whose very ethic is death, terror and destruction!

 So the elections were held, and the sheep voted for the slaughtermen; and we look at the results on our t.v. screens today as the Hamas gunmen  dominate Gaza, and the Fatah gunmen round up the West Bank Hamas people before the same happens to Fatah in places like Ramallah.

Condeleeza Rice must be weeping into her martini as she surveys the chaos in the Palestinian areas. When offered the choice between chaos with Hamas, and the faint possibility of civilized behaviour with Fatah; they plump for the Party of Blood!

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