Daft Humans and clever Animals

Some years back, I visited my mother-in-law at her home in northern London, as I was nearby on a contract visit. In conversation, she said that her long-time friend and companion, an eighteen year-old basset hound, was not only half-blind, almost deaf but was now suffering from the canine form of arthritis in his hind-quarters.

As I have always believed in plain speech, I said that as she had been the beneficiary of many years of companionship with her dog, she should act purely in the spirit of friendship and do the only thing which she was able for her dog’s welfare. I said “Don’t put him to sleep, don’t allow him to go to a nicer place, or any other of the euphemisms which humans use; Kill him! Take him to the vet’s practice and let the animal be humanely killed! Don’t wrap the action with fuzzy sentiment, don’t attribute human qualities to an animal; the damn dog is suffering, kill him!”

Two weeks later, she did just that, and her long-time canine companion went to a silent death by injection.

I thought that that type of sloppy, sentimental anthropomorphic thinking had mostly disappeared, but just when I thought things were looking up; I found this on a web-site!

We’re all doomed, I tell you!

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