Reasons to vote for Boris. No 1!

I saw the initial comments from the ‘instant pundit’ brigade when Boris Johnson announced he wished to be included in the short list for the Conservative candidate for the London Mayor. We all read how he was too prone to making the most awful gaffe’s, and how he had been forced to apologise to both Liverpool and Portsmouth (or somewhere similar) (how you can apologise to a city wasn’t explained, but that sort of detail never is!).

Despite that genial well-met facade there exists a pretty keen political brain, and if it wasn’t for his unfortunate predilection for ‘playing away’ he might well be considered a good running prospect!

BUt he can now be considered a racing certainty, as Doreen Lawrence, the self-appointed guardian of all things correct (in the politically-) field, as well as in the memory of her drug-peddling son Stephen, has now come out strongly against Boris as a candidate, stating that he would be divisive, and how he would destroy multi-culti-London, and how he’s really nasty, and on, and on, and on; ad infinitum!

So there we have it, Boris for Mayor, and to hell with that silly ***** ******** ******** who thinks she is entitled to speak for many, when in reality she doesn’t speak for anyone but herself; not even her dead druggie son Stephen!