too late for many!

We see how far this country has stumbled down the totalitarian road when a Tory candidate MP is ‘asked to explain himself’ or ‘advised to speak in calm tones’ or even ‘perhaps he should withdraw his remarks’ after writing an article on immigration, and the effects of uncontrolled immigration, upon the country of his birth.

 Mr Hastilow, the Parliamentary candidate for Halesowen and Rowley Regis, made the comments in a column for the Express and Star newspaper in Wolverhampton, and the truly terrible phrase he uses was “Many insist; Enoch Powell was right!”. This phrase, referring to the speech by Enoch Powell, one of the great parliamentarians of the 20th Century, who warned of the perils of uncontrolled immigration, especially from countries foreign in thought to our own, is still the rallying call for many who think as I do, that there are just too many migrants over here, too many who don’t speak English, have no idea of the behaviour expected of inhabitants of this country, and who don’t wish to either assimilate or live outside their now huge and impenetrable ghettoes.

It’s about time someone stood up and shouted out that we are being fooled by a Government who has lost control; and the sooner that they are kicked out, and a responsible Party placed in control who will tackle the host of bogus asylum seekers, illegal immigrants, radical imams who hate the very idea of freedom, and the rest of the scroungers and spongers who infest our towns and cities!