A Terrible Loss?

As David had posted on the loss of a pet, and the effect it has on family, I shall perhaps turn over a few lumps of grass and dig a little deeper when I also post on five deaths, and how they were treated so very differently by television, the main-stream newspapers, and of course Parliament!

The first death was of course Ivan, the six-year old son of David Cameron. Whilst understanding the terrible grief that the loss of a child can bring, and of course the extra burden of the child being doubly disabled, I wonder why Parliament was suspended, and Prime Minister’s Questions were cancelled, due to the death of one small child? However high in the parliamentary ranks his father may be, life does go on, and notwithstanding the grief of the family, I ask if the reaction was correct? We got the bulletins about how he had lived, how he had suffered and how he had so dramatically died. Was all that really necessary? In proportion to who he was, I question the suitability of the mourning!

I would now turn to the four other deaths; those being  Corporal Tom Gaden, Lance Corporal Paul Upton and Rifleman Jamie Gunn. The fourth was that of a Royal Marine, Michael Laski. As PETER HITCHENS QUERIES, I also query why all the sombre stuff for a small boy, but nothing, NOTHING,  other than a report that four British military lives were lost in Afghanistan.

Why do we never learn? We are going to rebuild a country! Rubbish! When a  country with the military might of Russia pulls out of Afghanistan, shouldn’t that serve as a kind of ‘post-it note’? One which says “We aren’t wanted here!”

Our soldiers and marines are being sent out in cheap imitations of military vehicles, so that when the roadside bombs hurl their force into the air, the occupants have no protection; no armour, no aid, no fast helicopter evacuation! Every MP should be forced into all night sittings to discuss every death in Afghanistan, and then they should be forced to go to the family, and explain the reasons why  their sons and daughters died. To bring democracy on the cheap to a muslim, drug-ridden, corrupt madhouse? 

Bah, a plague on their words of sorrow!

Better a decision to get out as quick as possible, with a warning that the next time some pale imitation of bin Laden speaks up, he’ll get a nuke down his chimney, and to hell with the collateral damage!


Cross-posted from A Tangled Web

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