Sri Lanka…0 U.N. …..14

So you’ve been fighting a low- and sometimes high-level war with rebels and terrorists for over twenty years, and finally you are winning!

So the last thing you wanna’ hear is some high-powered nosy-parker telling everyone that you are committing war-crimes and stuff!

Don’t it make you just want to puke; or send a team to wipe out the useless clowns who started the rot?

again, and again……..

I note with despair that our very own Mark One Incompetents, otherwise known as the Ministry of Defence, have masterminded yet another defence debacle!

Remember the eight chinooks which aren’t allowed to fly in any other weather than bright sunshine; costing us so far £480 Million?

Remember the Snatch Landrover saga, where the M.O.D.  placed vehicles with absolutely no armour whatsoever in combat situations with roadside bombs every four yards in Afghanistan?


Well, we now have a £1.1 billion pound Type 45 anti-aircraft destroyer which will have no anti-aircraft missiles, the main purpose for having these hugely-costly ships, until 2014! 

Beat That!