No Surrender; at least to Terror!

Listening to this discussion between a BBC Today spokesman and the daughter of a victim of the IRA/SinnFein bombing of the Grand Hotel in Brighton, when the aim of the bombing was the death of this country’s greatest Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher, I finally realized the mindset of this person was so far from my own as to be in a different universe, never mind planet.

She said she’d met the bomber, and ‘could understand what he thought, and why he had done what he had done’!

To hell with this wishy-washy idea of Christian forgiveness, understanding, compromise and ‘all-togetherness!

The only thing which this gloating killer should be given is not forgiveness, is not understanding; no, it is a hangman’s noose, so he can face whoever claims him from the correct position, which is inside a cardboard (re-cyclable and therefore environmentally-friendly) coffin!