you throw it away, and you still want more?

Seems as thought the Obama money people still haven’t quite grasped how the term ‘bail-out’ actually works.

AIG, the broke and busted insurance giant which was given $170 Billion in Federal Aid, and still acted like Oliver Twist’s nephew by asking for more, also decided to pay huge bonuses to it’s senior staffers on the grounds that ‘if we don’t, they’ll be poached by our competitors’. The Obama kids, who all seem as though they’re still wet behind the ears or fresh out of diapers, hadn’t thought that this bunch of stupid greasy scumbags who started the rot in the first place, were due any bonuses at all, and thus hadn’t blocked any use of Fed. funds to pay out so-called ‘bonuses’ anyway.

So AIG insisted that they were legally due to pay out, including to people who had already left, and the reponse from Obama’s money folks was :-

“Well you can have most of the money, but we are witholding the amount of cash equal to the bonuses which we told you not to pay out but you did anyway, so yah-boo and sucks to you!”

I bet AIG, and the rest of the American financial people, really are quaking in their boots at the antics of this bunch of bloody amateurs!