Snipetts on Saturday

Just for a change this fine Spring Saturday, I thought I’d pick out a few items which caught my ear or eye, and see what you as an audience thought of the ‘State of Play’ to use a sporting term.

• I listened this a.m. to a discussion between the Today interviewer and a representative of the Luton Mosques. The proposed march in support of the Royal Anglians having been transferred to London because of rumours of ‘Far-right Intervention’, the muslim spokesman condemned the tiny number of vociferous protesters whom, he said, did not represent the mainstream muslims of Luton. “All we wish to do,” he added, “is to be left to live our lives in peace!” Yer, well; I’d rather believe the evidence of my own eyes and ears regarding all they might wish to do!

• A second Today item was the sad decision by the Appeal Court to deny the parents of that gravely-ill child their appeal against the decision of the NHS Trust to remove treatment from their son. As I write this post, I read that tHE TINY SOUL HAS FLED THE CHAINS which bound him, and is now at rest. The very speed of this death brings but a sad conclusion that the medical people were correct, and he was only alive by that same medical intervention. As a father and now a grandfather, I can only hope that the pain is dulled by time for the grieving parents.

• Prince Charles’ Duchy Originals has found itself in opposition with the Medical Regulatory people over an online advert for their Duchy Herbals Echina-Relief Tincture and Duchy Herbals Hyperi-Lift Tincture. The Duchy’s advert apparently claimed that these items were ‘EFFECTIVE’ IN CURING OR RELIEVING  symptoms; of what and by what I do not know, nor really care, but it goes to show that even Charlie can fall foul of ‘Big Brother’ from time to time!

• The ‘Big Lottery’ fund has agreed to pick up the tab for some five hundred Normandy veterans who wish to attend THE 65TH ANNIVERSARY of those momentous days back in 1944. It would seem appropriate to ask the M.O.D., who originally flatly refused to fund the travel plans of these now really old men, if they have ever heard of the term ‘public relations’? As I lost one uncle on the second day of the invasion, and my own father served throughout the war, having volunteered the day the War broke out, I would think the investment in blood can be said to been fully subscribed; and we owe a debt of gratitude to those who served, fought and died so that I might write these lines, and you can read them!

• Scientists are warning that the Scilly Isles could be rendered ‘uninhabitable’ byADVANCING GLOBAL WARMING. The sea is predicted to rise by three feet, swamping Hugh Town and Old Town. A further prediction that the ‘Sky was Falling’ was discounted as Exaggeration!

• Lennon Poyser has been threatened with an ASBO for repeatedly kicking footballs over a seven foot fence. The official police letter, on headed notepaper stated ‘’Children from your address are involved in incidents of anti-social behaviour and nuisance problems. We have received a number of complaints over the past few weeks regarding these youths being abusive when asked to stop playing football in the street and there are also allegations regarding possible damage to property. It added that if the incidents did not ‘stop immediately’ then her council tenancy could be at risk.’ Trouble is, LENNON IS JUST TWO YEARS OLD, walks only with difficulty, and kicks a plastic ball which is blown back to him on the wind.

• A motorist had his dangerous driving conviction quashed by the Court of Appeal because the Judge wrote a note to the defence barrister stating that her defence could be described as the Six ‘P’s; referring to an old Army motto viz. ‘PRIOR PLANNING PREVENTS PISS POOR PERFORMANCE’. The grounds for appeal were that the female barrister lost confidence, and thus was not able to provide a proper defence. The office for Judicial Complaints was unable to confirm whether the Judge would receive any sanction!

• A pensioner was given a £75.00 fixed penalty for feeding birds in a park. The Italian immigrant, who has lived in Heckmondwike for over forty years, stated that she would rather go to prison than pay the fine. THE FIXED-PENALTY FINE WAS WITHDRAWN by the Council after protests commenced thundering down from all sides. It was not confirmed if the two council wardens were being re-educated, or even questioned as to whether they were educated at all!

• If you are convicted in your absence of a crime anywhere else within the European Union, you are now liable to arrest and deportation after JACK STRAW SURRENDERED TO PRESSURE from Brussels, and agreed to the changes to ‘further EU integration’. So if you get involved with a stroppy Roumanian, or hit a Lithuanian, or even pop a Parisian policeman, and the trial takes place in your absence, you don’t have any legal recourse, you are on the next plane out!

• Home secretary Jacqui Smith vowed last November to deport 11 terror suspects. As of this morning, NOT ONE HAS BEEN MOVED FROM OUR COUNTRY!

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