when in doubt, shut the f**k up


The British National Party is led by men with a fairly keen sense of what publicity is good for them (all) and so when yet another Westminster      fat-mouthed fool breaks silence and condemns them for their use of a former Prime Minister’s famous features on a political campaigning   leaflet, what is the end result? One hell of a number of people click their way onto the website of that party, and some may even stay!

I kind of admire, in the same sort of admiration one gives to a cobra as it rears up some twenty inches away from your body, the B.N.P.; mainly because they, alone of the Political Parties operating in Britain today, say exactly what they believe in up front, so there is no mistake or error in those who would support or vilify them.

   I really did like their famous Election video (Corporal Fox) because once again it hit the spot, it was merciless, and for the most part it was devastatingly accurate!

Nicholas Soames ought to grow up, shut up , and realise that to the B.N.P., interjections such as his are like rainfall in the Gobi Desert!

It’s only a game!!

I note with despair that the Indian cricketing supremos (the B.C.C.I.) have decided to move the Indian premier League out of India after security concerns over the Indian General Elections.

 “Due to the attitude of the government that it cannot provide security for the tournament, we are forced to take a decision to move the IPL out of India,” said the country’s cricket chief Shashank Manohar.

 Who decides to offer their fields? You’ve guessed it, the English!

If Luton is anything to go by, we’re gonna’ see a right ‘Summer of Discontent’

Take a letter……

The following is a copy letter to my own M.P.

Dear Roberta Blackman-Woods,

I write to enquire why the deportation hopes of the Home Secretary,
wherein she stated that she would deport all eleven terror suspects
back in Novemebr 2008, have not yet been realised?

If these men are as dangerous as she thinks, why are at least six not
behind bars, instead of out on bail? Are we so deficient in the correct
drafting of legal legislation as to consistently fail to lock these
people up, or are our efforts brought low by the requirements of
Brussels and E.U. legislation, which gives rights to terrorists, but
refuses to acknowledge that we have rights too?

Yours sincerely,

Mike Cunningham


And why indeed?