Charity….Definition…..To do Good works!

When we in Britain are asked to give generously to charitable causes, we assume almost without question that the Charity in question is above board; and in almost all cases, our trust has not been abused. But it is indeed a strange thieng to relate that the number of ‘Charities’ which have been exposed as fronts for, or furnishing funds to, Terror groups in Iraq, Afghanistan, Gaza and all the other cesspits where the writ of the Mullahs holds sway!

We read yet again of a so-called Charity which has a leader, Faisal Mostafa, now arrested in Bangladesh as part of a terror investigation into the madrassa or religious school his charity was funding. Items found included shotguns, small arms  –  about nine or 10 in total  –  plus equipment to make small arms, about 3,000 rounds of ammunition, two walkie-talkies, two remote control devices and four sets of army uniforms. 

Mostafa’s dad, quoted yesterday as saying  “‘This is all an exaggeration. ‘He just wants to help children. He is a British citizen and has been in this country since 1969.”

So there we have it, he was just training the kids in self-defence techniques, because Bangladesh is such a dangerous place!  Note the British citizen bit!  Har-Har-har!

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