Not Spam, just OverCooked Ham!

Just a short while ago, I posted on the strange e-mail message from a bloke who claimed he represented ABN Amro Bank and wanted to cut me in on a share of a huge finacial transaction.

Now I’ve got his secretary e-mailing me for presumably the same thing; as reproduced below:-


I am  Phillips Molock, Secretary to Mr. Paul Wolfenden of
ABN AMRO BANK 250 Bishopsgate, London EC2M 4AA . My Boss has
a business proposal for you valued at GBP£21,000,000.00
(Twenty-One Million Pounds Sterling) from  my Branch.

You are by this note advice to contact him through his
private email for more information concerning this letter:


As before, I am left wondering how he managed to locate me, and I am equally concerned as to whether I can trust a perfect stranger with my half of what can undoubtably be dsecribed as a whole-lot-of-moolah!

Different sort of ‘Vulture’


When we read that European Parliament MEP’s voted to allow farmers to leave dead cattle or other stock on the fields where they had died, I thought at first that their actions actually made sense, as the vulture which previously fed off carrion had been deprived after the rules were tightened up by the very same Parliament.

But in actuality, the vultures are in fact the MEP’s themselves, living off the fat of the lands they are supposed to represent, with their fattened salaries, their ever-ballooning expense accounts, (which have actually won prizes for fictional writing), and their super-duper, time-indexed collossal pensions.

To call them ‘Pigs at the Trough’ is in fact an insult; but the insult is to self-respecting PIGS!

no interest shown!

We mere mortals, tiny bit players on the vast stage of humanity, and especially we within the borders of the United Kingdom, don’t really get much of a chance to change the way we live, think, are ruled, and most importantly, manage our own finances. I would dwell today on the last because I was today in to see my branch business manager, to sort out what I honestly thought was a computer error in the allocation of interest earned on a sum of money which I have managed to place by for a rainy day!

My query was, naturally, surely there has been some error; a glitch in the magic computer systems which rule all of our lives, as the amount of interest on the sum deposited had reduced by a factor of TEN within the space of three months! When I breezed in to contact the bank on this extremely easily-remedied error, I was told the cold hard facts of life by the apologetic manager in charge of my account. 

I then realised how silly I had been; how remiss to forget that I had to pay my share, and once that was factored in to the conversation, all else fell neatly into place!


After all, Fred’s Pension has got to be paid, and there is no alternative, because Lord Myners rubber-stamped the deal; so like it or lump it, the rate of interest on my savings now stands at 0.04%, but Fred’s got that nice BMW X5, and the upkeep on the Yorkshire house must be tremendous; and the shooting parties are so expensive!

Play it again, Alistair

One of the many excellent things achieved during the Thatcher years was the reduction of the 83% penal tax rate down to 60%, and thence to 40%, which, incidentally Labour adhered to when first in Government; adhered to, that is, before they found out where the keys to the safe were kept!

Adding the National Insurance take to the old 83%  brought the total tax hike to an incredible 93% of salary, and was of course one of the many reasons why so many joined the Brain Drain to happier, financially healthier climes!

So the two Grinning Scots, who share three eyes between them, with not one kept on the finances of the country, but instead all three kept on how to keep themselves in power, are starting the steady climb back towards confiscatory tax regimes for those stupid enough not to have hidden most of their earnings away from the evil gaze of the ZaNULabour apparatchiks in the Treasury and in Whitehall.

To quote the Iron Lady from an interview she gave to the Insitute of Directors:- 

Lady Thatcher “In many respects new Labour shows signs of reverting to old Labour with its irresponsible policies of tax and spend. Britain just cannot afford this.”

Like that old ‘protest song’ goes, “when will they ever learn?

‘Only in his hometown and in his own house…’

The days of protest are unfortunately long past. Of course, when I talk of protest, I talk of legitimate protest against real targets. Why, do we ask; why did Duncan’s Fruit & Nut get assimilated by Cadburys? Why was it truly necessary to change Marathon to Snickers?

But of course I jest! We are just a few days away from the anniversary of the only protest which, if recognised and acted upon, would have made a real difference to the way we live, we react and, most importantly, rule ourselves. I am of course talking about the enormously gifted classical scholar, Brigadier, politician and above all else, a patriot of the finest order; and his speech regarding his personal view of the one Act of Parliament which has done more than any other to betray and alter the basic nature of British Democracy as we used to know it!

The politician was of course the Rt. Hon. John Enoch Powell, MBE, and the speech was what was labelled as the ‘Infamous Rivers of Blood’ speech. If you wish, his words can be found here, and believe me, you won’t find any mention of the phrase ‘Rivers of Blood’! You shall find the phrase ‘Like the Roman, I seem to see ‘the River Tiber foaming with much blood’, which I think you would agree, is subtly different to the previous phrase which of course was the one used by every tabloid and broadsheet newspaper, every opposition politician and of course many of Powell’s own Party in their excoriation of one of the finest political minds this country has ever had the privilege of nurturing.

This man, now disowned by his own Party for telling the exact and literal truth, had established beyond any doubt that, if the extrapolation of the (then) immigration rates was carried forward to it’s logical conclusion, some one tenth of the total population would be of either immigrant or immigrant descent. This has come to pass, but what Powell did not, and of course could not have foreseen that besides the migrant flow from the Commonwealth countries which he was talking about, there would also be the huge influx of migrants from the expanded conglomerate which was christened the European Union. Now the problem is that besides people coming from, say, Poland, who are really just like us, you also ‘have’, I repeat ‘have’ to accept the Roma gypsies from Romania, the Bosnians, Croats, Kosovans and Serbs, who just a few years ago were busy trying to kill one another in some god-forsaken ethnic cleansing exercise fomented by one of half-a-dozen miniature megalomaniacs. We also have given ‘ASYLUM’ to a cross-section of the whole of the Continent of Africa, from the savagery of Darfur to the rolling hills of Malawi, all busily fleeing their dust-bowls, and mostly intent on leeching off the State as best they can. The last accounting does not, of course, include the approximate one million (1,000,000) illegal and totally bogus ‘asylum seekers’ who have slipped, hidden, clung and crawled through our porous Border defences; many of whom are of course working in the black economy to pay off the huge debts owed to the cynical mobsters who trafficked them into the country in the first place.

In 1968 he predicted that by the year 2000, seven million people living in Britain would be of ethnic descent . The Census in 2001 showed 4.6 million people living in the UK were from an ethnic minority, or 7.9% of the population, that Census being notorious for its’ ability to get things wrong, or counted short!

We see and hear the changes in our towns and cities; the changes such as the plethora of mosques, each of course coming with it’s own (usually Saudi-funded and approved) imam and set of loudspeakers for the interminable wailing of their calls to prayer which have besmirched our highways and suburbs. We see the proliferation of the so-called Black Evangelical Churches, which are the outward sign of a communities which is in fact usually in thrall to either a set of Nigerian gangsters or their Jamaican ‘Yardie’ equivalents. We also see the influence of the various stages of the QUANGO which is now called the  Equalities and Human Rights Commission. As taken from their web-site, they promote a ‘fairer, more equal Britain’ but behind the slogans lie a literal welter of law and regulation which deny the right of say, a hotelier to bar people from his establishment because he does not like their sexual orientation or practices! We see the inroads on our very society by the inclusion of the Brussels’ inspired ‘Human rights’ legislation; all of which was possible very good in theory, but perverted in practice so that we literally cannot get rid of undesirables once they get their feet across the threshold of our crowded little country! I doubt if even Enoch Powell could have foreseen the fact that we now shelter nine Afghani hi-jackers who took control of an airplane at the point of guns; who landed and surrendered to officials and were subsequently tried and imprisoned for their deeds; and who now live in Britain. They  had their convictions quashed last summer, and the Immigration Appellate Authority (IAA) ruled that sending the nine back to Afghanistan would breach their human rights, as adjudicators said that the men would be in danger of attack from members of the deposed Taleban regime if they were deported. Oh, and just as an aside, all their families are allowed to stay as well!

The clarion call of all liberals and socialists in this now benighted society of ours is ‘Integration’ and the magic buzz-word so beloved of all the soft-lefties, ‘Multiculturalism’. What they pretend it to mean is that we all can live together in harmony and peace, as long as we ‘bend’ a little in the way we live! In actuality, all the ‘bending’ has and is being done by native British people, as we are forced to watch as our cities are ‘Balkanized’ into Pakistani, Indian, Black, and most often Muslim ghettoes. They mostly do not mix, they do not speak our language, they do not respect our ways of life and of law. They wish to import their own foreign beliefs and practices into a country which was foolish enough to say, ‘We are not strong enough to defend our way of life, so come on down, Sucker Country is open for business!’

When Powell said in reference to an Englishman who was planning to emigrate because of Black immigration was, “What he is saying, thousands and hundreds of thousands are saying and thinking – not throughout Great Britain, perhaps, but in the areas that are already undergoing the total transformation to which there is no parallel in a thousand years of English history.

The other undying shame which I am of course forced to admit is this ruthless rejection of an honest man was achieved under a Conservative Government. Mind you, the leader of that administration was the same Edward Heath who manoeuvred Britain into the Common Market on the lying premise that it was a ‘trading bloc’ instead of a gargantuan Federalist monster, organised by bureaucrats of the member nations for bureaucrats of the member Nations! Margaret Thatcher, for some strange reason further ennobled the grip of Europe on our lives by signing up to the Single European Act, an document which she later was to bitterly regret as she often said she had been ‘misled’ as to it’s purpose! The Labour Party grabbed the handles of power with both hands once they finally got their hands on the British purse-strings, and extended both immigration numbers and classes, including the infamous ‘family members’ component, whereby if one gets in, everyone allied or related to him comes along as well for the free ride! 

So as some of us, patriots all, who remember the ideal of Britain for Britons, who regret the vitriol which was poured so liberally over the head of one of Great Britain’s major minds and of what surely was a giant amongst the pigmies who opposed him; hopefully when a newer and harder breed of Conservatives finally retake the reins of power from the tired bunch in Westminster and Whitehall, we might see the return of sensible and steady controls on the mass immigration which has so badly soiled our once green and pleasant land!


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Only in England

Heard a wonderful statement about how the Holocaust could never happen in Britain.

Simple, you get six thousand Jewish guys standing on Paddington Station, all wondering where their watches had gone to, and an announcement comes over the speakers; 

“Attention prospective passengers on Platform Six, Seven & Eight, your train has been cancelled indefinitely due to a shortage of rolling stock, plus the train drivers are going on strike from seven p.m. Network Rail thanks you for your patience!!”

Yer well, whatever!


As I wander around this still fascinating world which t’Internet has become, I see many pages which literally make my imagination go into overdrive, but have yet to beat the page which is a download from the Saudi Arabian Government Ministry of the Interior website. 

The page is one which has to be completed when applying for Saudi Arabian Citizenship, and includes the fabulous instruction:- The applicant must not be crazy or insane.

The document is reputed to be the one with the least numbers of actual completion in the whole of the civilized world; wonder why!

I take thee as my wife, (leave the toys at the door)!

Studying the problems which the Dictatorial Regime Royal Family in Saudi Arabia is facing, one sometimes wonders why they bother with the small stuff? The Saudis face the mammoth task of bringing what was, only some seventy-five years ago a feudal-based semi-nomadic society, into modern times and attitudes. They have some formidable obstructions to overcome, with an ill-educated (in terms of knowledge of the outside world) population, a hostile environment which militates itself against the nation being able to feed itself, the drawbacks of having to revile the State of Israel when in actuality those two countries almost think as one in terms of business, and very few natural resources except that of the obstacle of having the largest supply, so far discovered, of oil on this energy-hungry planet. You might blink at my previous final phrase in that sentence, but obstacle certainly it is! Just think if your country, your nation; suddenly found that it didn’t need to invent, it didn’t need to diversify, it didn’t need to do anything to ensure it’s survival in a globally-connected trading world, it didn’t even need to defend itself, because it’s largest and most powerful customer was willing to expend the blood of it’s own young warriors to ensure the safety of their oil supplies.

They have Armed Forces, true; but although well-equipped in terms of modern technology, they are forced to splinter and fragment those same forces for fear that a single General or even an ambitious Major could get sufficient leverage to organise a coup. They have tried and to a certain extent succeeded in bringing a new vision to their cities, but unfortunately that same vision is one which is blinkered and overshadowed by the one thing which those same Saudi Royals have clung to because of it’s unflinching support through thick and thin; and that thing is of course Islam, and more specifically the Wahabbi sect which to a very large degree is the true ruler of Saudi Arabia. The insistence on the second-class category for all women, the ridiculous arrangements whereby  any female, including a widow is not allowed to even drive herself or evn be in the company of an unmarried man without a male family member as a chaperone is the single largest obstacle to progress in Saudi Arabia.

I referred to the small stuff in my first paragraph, but perhaps the problems I write about are in fact the building blocks and foundations of the Saudi State, and that is where the real problems lie! We see the insanity of arranged child marriages, such as the one only recently where the divorced mother of an eight year-old girl attempted to block the marriage of that same small child to a 47 year-old man because the girl’s father owed the prospective groom a large sum of money, and the girl was the price agreed to relase that debt. The Appeal Courts were no help to the mother, because they simply sent the case back to the judge involved in the first case, and what judge, Sharia or Western, is going to overrule his own decisions? We remember the deaths of those fifteen schoolgirls in a fire in Riyadh, condemned to death by the Religious Police because they were not ‘modestly dressed’while trying to escape from the flames! We remember the shock in the voices of the mullahs when they discovered that American women, within the Armed forces sent to protect Saudi Arabia, were actually driving by themselves, and the simultaneous discovery that thousands of young American soldiers routinely carried their Bibles as part of their equipment packs. We see the lunacy of the authorities proscribing against ‘personalised’ license plates on cars, mainly because the Religious Brotherhood dislikes any freedom which they have not specifically authorised!

The route towards modernisation is blocked for the Saudi rulers, as long as they maintain their allegiance towards Islam, and the Wahabbis of that belief. Their road ahead is perhaps cloudy, but there is a fork in the road, and they have to choose their path. If they choose the true modernisation route, they face possible rebellion, if not internal revolt, because the men of Saudi Arabia know full well which side their bread, earned with their oil, is buttered! If they choose to go down the route of the ‘status quo’, they face stagnation, because all virile nations grow through knowledge, and without growth, that Society which the Royals defend so strenuously will fade and die, as it surely should!

europe, still expanding, but not like you think!

aeuroflag1Ever worried about Xenophobia within Europe? Well, boyo, you don’t have to turn a hair on your head because the European Union Fundamental Rights Agency FRA (formerly known as the European Monitoring Centre on Racism and Xenophobia EUMC) (Budget: €15 million (2008). The budget is expected to expand to €22 million Euros by 2012.63 ) is doing it for you!  It’s really a bargain for all Europe; here these people are, all beavering away detecting xenophobia in places undreamed of since, well; yesterday! There’s over a hundred people scrabbling through all sorts of papers, decsions, plans and graphs detecting Xenophobia, or the smell of it at least, all over the European Union. Not of course that they can do anything about it, it’s just that they’d really like you to know that they’re on the lookout.

Similarly, has it ever crossed your mind to be worried about living conditions in, say, Germany, or Estonia; or Romania or Sapin? Again, those bright chappies in Brussels have already won that race, by establishing the European Foundation for the Improvement of Living and Working Conditions (EUROFOUND), with a Budget: €21,000,000.00, (thats Twenty-one Million euros to those who suffer from Numerophobia; or a fear of numbers. Based in Dublin, Rep. of Ireland, with a Finnish Director, these happy souls are all watching with furrowed brows at how we live in Britain, France and the other assorted bunches which form this accursed Union, and conveniently ignore the fact that all National Governments, or at least most of them, should be attempting to ensure better living conditions for their citizens!

I could ramble on through the  European Research Council,  Office for Harmonisation in the Internal Market (Trade Marks and Designs),  European Medicines Agency, European Agency for the Management of Operational Cooperation at the External Borders, Community Fisheries Control Agency, which can safely be translated as the result of Ted Heath’s betrayal of British Fishermen to gain his wet dream by joining the Common Market, so he could be buggered by all his queer Foreigner friends in comfort, European Police Office, European Aviation Safety Agency, European Food Safety Authority, European Agency for Safety and Health at Work , European Maritime Safety Agency or the ever-needed Translation Centre for the Bodies of the European Union, but honestly feel that you have got the point by now!

Here we have the logical outcome of a Governmental system, designed for bureaucrats by bureaucrats, totally unnaccountable to any electorate, and all busy earning huge salaries, awarding themselves gross pensions in the order which would stupefy the average grasping British M.P., and what do they achieve? Apart from taking a huge amount of OUR money, and producing mountains of paperwork which no-one reads, NOT A LOT!

rainbows is kinda’ grubby this year!

Following on from my previous posting on the “”Rainbow Nation””, and the perils of being a corrupt politician who hadn’t bought up all the judges, but has just achieved that aim in time for the Elections, let’s just consider where the Country which I used to call home is heading.

  • The sports-mad country is getting set for the Confederation Cup in just six months time, followed by The World Cup in 2010. All the bribes and backhanders for the construction contracts having been tucked away in either a Cayman Island or a Swiss account, the Gautrain is looking as though it will come up to scratch in time for the Cup. Just how long the trains will remain as pristine as the first demonstration models remains to be seen, as they will surely deteriorate under heavy usage such as this. The question as to whether the Gautrain project will ever make a profit has already been answered; with the rip-off merchants rubbing their hands in glee, and the ordinary workers who, if the fares were set at a correct value, just would not be able to afford a single trip, never mind a return!
  • The bribery, both for the French Arms deal and the Gautrain Construction backhanders which our friend Zuma has apparently dodged is still echoing around Pretoria, and after the puritanical approach of the Afrikaner during their time in power, when everything was crystal clear otherwise it just would not start, South Africa has descended rapidly into the old Black-ruled ethos of corruption, crime and blatant theft.
  • The political corruption within the Black Brothers, both communist and freelance, is almost endemic, and one result is of course the emergence of C.O.P.E.  as a political force after the split between Mbeki and Zuma, where the younger Zuma won out, and the useless Mbeki, still writhing from his ‘AID’s is not brought on by HIV’ call, was consigned to the dust-heaps of history.
  • The complete failure of the A.N.C. Government to plan for even a moderate expansion of the power network, as was steadily planned for in Apartheid days, is now evident in the regular brown- and black-outs of the electricity grid from the Cape into Durban and the Witwatersrand. They couldn’t actually explain that the cuts were due to a lack of maintenance or stand-by capacity, as is available just all over the civilised world. No, the Black A.N.C.-led Government explained that the cuts were a sign of success, because demand was outstripping supply, and South Africa should be happy that hospitals had to rely on generators, restaurants were extolling the wonder of candle-lit dining, and ordinary commuters regulary added two hours to thie journey time!
  • The death toll occasioned by the Murder Statistics rolls ever onwards, with Safety and Security Minister Charles Nqakula stating that the murder toll, at 18,487 was the lowest this century. Yep, the lunatics are in charge of the asylum! Why do I say that? Simple, because when I lived in South Africa, the murder rate was chiefly black on black with a pinch of Black versus Coloured/Indian thrown in, as there are few whom the Black tribes detest more than an Indian, and it ran somewhere around seven hundred to a thousand per year; hefty enough, but manageable. Bring in Black majority rule, give a bunch of ill-educated and badly trained policemen access to modern automatic weaponry, then do the same to about four divisions worth of blacks who were signed up for the South African Army, and hey-presto, the reason why the sudden jump in murders; it’s the cops and the Army who were selling off their weaponry to all comers, and then watching as the morgues overflow from the robberies, plain murders and violence from people who haven’t climbed above savage status as yet, and probably won’t do so for one hell of a long time!
  • The ordinary people of that beautiful and once-plentiful country, now racked with crime, corruption and just plain incompetence, were hoping for something new when they stood in their thousands for that first ballot. I wonder if they ever think, quietly and when they are with their loved ones, ‘was it worth it?’


Reading of the arrests in the Northwest of the United Kingdom of twelve men. Details of the arrested men are sketchy to say the least, but you can place large sums of money on a bet that they will never be referred to as MUSLIM TERROR SUSPECTS! They have been described as possibly Pakistani nationals on ‘student visas’ and resident in the UK.


One witness, Bushra Majid, 33, a mother of four and Urdu speaker, said that she recognised the men as speaking Pashtun, a dialect from Afghanistan, and that the men arrested were “darker and had longer beards” than the predominantly Pakistani population in the area.


She said: “Six or seven men used to live there and every day they went to the al-Falah mosque [an Islamic centre on Haywood Street].” She said that there were many people coming and going all the time at the flat.


Two were working as security guards at Homebase, and the question again must be asked if their documentation had been checked out as per those ridiculously pompous adverts on the radio and t.v. where the voice of (presumably a copper) says ‘you are arrested for illegally working without documentation, and you ( the premises owner) are arrested for employing them’.


Afzal Khan, a Labour councillor for Cheetham Hill, said that the men arrested on Goldsworthy Avenue appeared to have been living there for only a few months. He said that he supported the police actions but added: “The difficulty could come if they get it wrong and, in the past, they do indeed have a bit of a bad record.” As Mandy Rice-Davies said so memorably, “Well, he would say that, wouldn’t he?”


The headline I’d like to see, but probably won’t is one which says, “Twelve Muslim Terror Suspects die in custody from Natural Causes” (shortage of breath). The Sub-headline should be something along the lines of ‘Manchester Police Custody Sergeant is given BAFTA award for services to the stage’

The colours are running….



The decision by the South African National Prosecuting Authority’s (NPA) decision to drop charges against ANC president Jacob Zuma marked a victory of politics over justice.

The feeling amongst the knowedgeable was, ‘well we can’t have the next President of South Africa, the Rainbow Nation, arraigned as a crook now, can we?’

Don’t know why not; after all, the first one was a terrorist, his wife was a murderer, so what else is new?

Are you lying comfortably?

There was a call by the National Secular Society to end the NHS funding of Chaplains in most NHS hospitals.

I myself always thought that these guys, whether Anglican, Catholic. Muslim, whatever drew their salaries from their own churches, and visited the beds of believers in hospital because that was part of their job description, literally visiting the sick etc., and now I find that the taxpayer, namely thee and me, have been picking up the religious tab for quite a few years now!

No, I say the NSS have the rights of it, and if anyone wants to flog his or her religion, let then do it on their buck, not on mine!

Mike’s BritBlogroll #1

I decided to post, possibly once a week, giving my own selection of posts from blogs I have either trawled past, or visit somewhat more regularly.   If anyone wishes to place their blogs forward for a review, as it were, the comments sector is beneath the body. Moderation is ‘on’ at present, as I was plagued a while back with illiterate porn, spam and left-wing undesirables; I may switch across in the future.  

  1. A friendly retired couple cruising the canals run Retirement with No Problem, which is a daily diary of the ‘ups’ and ‘downs’ of canal life (sorry about that Sue!) and users along the 2000-odd miles of navigable canals in Gt. Britain. Well worth a visit, and the lady who runs things does everything herself! 
  2. A swift trip across to the Shakespeare-loving and the robust fairly right-wing views of Duff and Nonsense, for a meander through the fields of Devon, on past the insanities of Politically-correct lunatics who happen to be running the asylum, towards a query on the deep existentialism of ‘Art’, but perhaps not Art Garfunkel!
  3. A very swift pass-by through the page belonging to Curly’s Corner Shop, which highlights the statement ‘South Shields’ Premier Political blog’, which statement just about says it all for Curly!
  4. A leisurely trawl through the column penned by John Redwood, at least the man can write, even if he doesn’t say all that much. He seems dedicated to the ‘status quo ante’ but hopefully he might say something reasonable; given time!
  5. Dropped by Old holborn, who seemed a tad dispirited. He was hoping for mass disobedience at the G20, all he got was a queue at a Tesco Express.
  6. A look at the staid pages of the Adam Smith Institute Blog. Trouble with our Adam, the writers get bogged down in the minutiae of the peasants and their tiny revolts to do much about it, but there again, that could be said of a great many, including me!

Spam, or Ham?

Had a wonderful message in my Spam directory this morning.

It’s a message from this guy who says he is 

Mr. Paul Wolfenden, Manager of ABN AMRO BANK

250 Bishopsgate, London EC2M 4AA .

I have a business
proposal valued Twenty-One Million Pounds from my bank.

Please, get back to me to enable me furnish you with
more information concerning this letter.


Paul Wolfenden.

Now what was the clue which told me that this was not a kosher communication from a reputable bank?


Heard a really good line on the radio today; it seems that the presence of China at the G20 summit is causing a few problems. China is also hurting from the credit crunch, or the recession, or whatever it’s actually called this week, but less than most. This Chinese was being interviewed, and he said that over twenty million of his countrymen had lost their businesses, and the workers had gone back to their homes, so in actual jobs lost totals were around fifty million; which is a fair impact in any one’s language.

So this Chinese bloke was saying that the sooner the West started buying Chinese goods once more, the better it would be for everyone, just as though it was their right to be the supplier, and everyone else had to say, “yes, Chinaman; we’re all gonna’ fall in line and buy, buy, buy!”

No one seems to know of the reality behind the Chinese economic miracle, or even wants to ask the question, how do they do it?

No-one seems to know of the vast factory complexes owned by the Generals of the People’s Liberation Army, and the semi-slave labour which mans the factory production lines! No-one accepts the truth of the Chinese so-called miracle, which funds, to a large extent, the expansion of the People’s Army, the People’s Army Navy, and the People’s Air Force. 

Every time you, or your family, buys an item made in China, you are helping to fund the purchase of a French anti-submarine helicopter, which shall be used to further enforce the Idea of a Chinese Taiwan returned to the grisly fold; or a German-built frigate upon which that new helicopter is based.

If something local costs more, so save up and buy it, and reject the Communist rubbish, because it’s based on blood, and in the future, it could be the blood of someone just like you!