Heard a really good line on the radio today; it seems that the presence of China at the G20 summit is causing a few problems. China is also hurting from the credit crunch, or the recession, or whatever it’s actually called this week, but less than most. This Chinese was being interviewed, and he said that over twenty million of his countrymen had lost their businesses, and the workers had gone back to their homes, so in actual jobs lost totals were around fifty million; which is a fair impact in any one’s language.

So this Chinese bloke was saying that the sooner the West started buying Chinese goods once more, the better it would be for everyone, just as though it was their right to be the supplier, and everyone else had to say, “yes, Chinaman; we’re all gonna’ fall in line and buy, buy, buy!”

No one seems to know of the reality behind the Chinese economic miracle, or even wants to ask the question, how do they do it?

No-one seems to know of the vast factory complexes owned by the Generals of the People’s Liberation Army, and the semi-slave labour which mans the factory production lines! No-one accepts the truth of the Chinese so-called miracle, which funds, to a large extent, the expansion of the People’s Army, the People’s Army Navy, and the People’s Air Force. 

Every time you, or your family, buys an item made in China, you are helping to fund the purchase of a French anti-submarine helicopter, which shall be used to further enforce the Idea of a Chinese Taiwan returned to the grisly fold; or a German-built frigate upon which that new helicopter is based.

If something local costs more, so save up and buy it, and reject the Communist rubbish, because it’s based on blood, and in the future, it could be the blood of someone just like you!

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