Mike’s BritBlogroll #1

I decided to post, possibly once a week, giving my own selection of posts from blogs I have either trawled past, or visit somewhat more regularly.   If anyone wishes to place their blogs forward for a review, as it were, the comments sector is beneath the body. Moderation is ‘on’ at present, as I was plagued a while back with illiterate porn, spam and left-wing undesirables; I may switch across in the future.  

  1. A friendly retired couple cruising the canals run Retirement with No Problem, which is a daily diary of the ‘ups’ and ‘downs’ of canal life (sorry about that Sue!) and users along the 2000-odd miles of navigable canals in Gt. Britain. Well worth a visit, and the lady who runs things does everything herself! 
  2. A swift trip across to the Shakespeare-loving and the robust fairly right-wing views of Duff and Nonsense, for a meander through the fields of Devon, on past the insanities of Politically-correct lunatics who happen to be running the asylum, towards a query on the deep existentialism of ‘Art’, but perhaps not Art Garfunkel!
  3. A very swift pass-by through the page belonging to Curly’s Corner Shop, which highlights the statement ‘South Shields’ Premier Political blog’, which statement just about says it all for Curly!
  4. A leisurely trawl through the column penned by John Redwood, at least the man can write, even if he doesn’t say all that much. He seems dedicated to the ‘status quo ante’ but hopefully he might say something reasonable; given time!
  5. Dropped by Old holborn, who seemed a tad dispirited. He was hoping for mass disobedience at the G20, all he got was a queue at a Tesco Express.
  6. A look at the staid pages of the Adam Smith Institute Blog. Trouble with our Adam, the writers get bogged down in the minutiae of the peasants and their tiny revolts to do much about it, but there again, that could be said of a great many, including me!

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