Has this guy got something, or what?

He makes an interesting case; and there would probably be one hundred thousand reasons and objections before the newsprint gets dried, but hey, if you do believe in Global Warming, and don’t object too much to Nuclear Technology, why the hell not?

The colours are running….



The decision by the South African¬†National Prosecuting Authority’s (NPA) decision to drop charges against ANC president Jacob Zuma marked a victory of politics over justice.

The feeling amongst the knowedgeable was, ‘well we can’t have the next President of South Africa, the Rainbow Nation, arraigned as a crook now, can we?’

Don’t know why not; after all, the first one was a terrorist, his wife was a murderer, so what else is new?

Are you lying comfortably?

There was a call by the National Secular Society to end the NHS funding of Chaplains in most NHS hospitals.

I myself always thought that these guys, whether Anglican, Catholic. Muslim, whatever drew their salaries from their own churches, and visited the beds of believers in hospital because that was part of their job description, literally visiting the sick etc., and now I find that the taxpayer, namely thee and me, have been picking up the religious tab for quite a few years now!

No, I say the NSS have the rights of it, and if anyone wants to flog his or her religion, let then do it on their buck, not on mine!