rainbows is kinda’ grubby this year!

Following on from my previous posting on the “”Rainbow Nation””, and the perils of being a corrupt politician who hadn’t bought up all the judges, but has just achieved that aim in time for the Elections, let’s just consider where the Country which I used to call home is heading.

  • The sports-mad country is getting set for the Confederation Cup in just six months time, followed by The World Cup in 2010. All the bribes and backhanders for the construction contracts having been tucked away in either a Cayman Island or a Swiss account, the Gautrain is looking as though it will come up to scratch in time for the Cup. Just how long the trains will remain as pristine as the first demonstration models remains to be seen, as they will surely deteriorate under heavy usage such as this. The question as to whether the Gautrain project will ever make a profit has already been answered; with the rip-off merchants rubbing their hands in glee, and the ordinary workers who, if the fares were set at a correct value, just would not be able to afford a single trip, never mind a return!
  • The bribery, both for the French Arms deal and the Gautrain Construction backhanders which our friend Zuma has apparently dodged is still echoing around Pretoria, and after the puritanical approach of the Afrikaner during their time in power, when everything was crystal clear otherwise it just would not start, South Africa has descended rapidly into the old Black-ruled ethos of corruption, crime and blatant theft.
  • The political corruption within the Black Brothers, both communist and freelance, is almost endemic, and one result is of course the emergence of C.O.P.E.  as a political force after the split between Mbeki and Zuma, where the younger Zuma won out, and the useless Mbeki, still writhing from his ‘AID’s is not brought on by HIV’ call, was consigned to the dust-heaps of history.
  • The complete failure of the A.N.C. Government to plan for even a moderate expansion of the power network, as was steadily planned for in Apartheid days, is now evident in the regular brown- and black-outs of the electricity grid from the Cape into Durban and the Witwatersrand. They couldn’t actually explain that the cuts were due to a lack of maintenance or stand-by capacity, as is available just all over the civilised world. No, the Black A.N.C.-led Government explained that the cuts were a sign of success, because demand was outstripping supply, and South Africa should be happy that hospitals had to rely on generators, restaurants were extolling the wonder of candle-lit dining, and ordinary commuters regulary added two hours to thie journey time!
  • The death toll occasioned by the Murder Statistics rolls ever onwards, with Safety and Security Minister Charles Nqakula stating that the murder toll, at 18,487 was the lowest this century. Yep, the lunatics are in charge of the asylum! Why do I say that? Simple, because when I lived in South Africa, the murder rate was chiefly black on black with a pinch of Black versus Coloured/Indian thrown in, as there are few whom the Black tribes detest more than an Indian, and it ran somewhere around seven hundred to a thousand per year; hefty enough, but manageable. Bring in Black majority rule, give a bunch of ill-educated and badly trained policemen access to modern automatic weaponry, then do the same to about four divisions worth of blacks who were signed up for the South African Army, and hey-presto, the reason why the sudden jump in murders; it’s the cops and the Army who were selling off their weaponry to all comers, and then watching as the morgues overflow from the robberies, plain murders and violence from people who haven’t climbed above savage status as yet, and probably won’t do so for one hell of a long time!
  • The ordinary people of that beautiful and once-plentiful country, now racked with crime, corruption and just plain incompetence, were hoping for something new when they stood in their thousands for that first ballot. I wonder if they ever think, quietly and when they are with their loved ones, ‘was it worth it?’

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