europe, still expanding, but not like you think!

aeuroflag1Ever worried about Xenophobia within Europe? Well, boyo, you don’t have to turn a hair on your head because the European Union Fundamental Rights Agency FRA (formerly known as the European Monitoring Centre on Racism and Xenophobia EUMC) (Budget: €15 million (2008). The budget is expected to expand to €22 million Euros by 2012.63 ) is doing it for you!  It’s really a bargain for all Europe; here these people are, all beavering away detecting xenophobia in places undreamed of since, well; yesterday! There’s over a hundred people scrabbling through all sorts of papers, decsions, plans and graphs detecting Xenophobia, or the smell of it at least, all over the European Union. Not of course that they can do anything about it, it’s just that they’d really like you to know that they’re on the lookout.

Similarly, has it ever crossed your mind to be worried about living conditions in, say, Germany, or Estonia; or Romania or Sapin? Again, those bright chappies in Brussels have already won that race, by establishing the European Foundation for the Improvement of Living and Working Conditions (EUROFOUND), with a Budget: €21,000,000.00, (thats Twenty-one Million euros to those who suffer from Numerophobia; or a fear of numbers. Based in Dublin, Rep. of Ireland, with a Finnish Director, these happy souls are all watching with furrowed brows at how we live in Britain, France and the other assorted bunches which form this accursed Union, and conveniently ignore the fact that all National Governments, or at least most of them, should be attempting to ensure better living conditions for their citizens!

I could ramble on through the  European Research Council,  Office for Harmonisation in the Internal Market (Trade Marks and Designs),  European Medicines Agency, European Agency for the Management of Operational Cooperation at the External Borders, Community Fisheries Control Agency, which can safely be translated as the result of Ted Heath’s betrayal of British Fishermen to gain his wet dream by joining the Common Market, so he could be buggered by all his queer Foreigner friends in comfort, European Police Office, European Aviation Safety Agency, European Food Safety Authority, European Agency for Safety and Health at Work , European Maritime Safety Agency or the ever-needed Translation Centre for the Bodies of the European Union, but honestly feel that you have got the point by now!

Here we have the logical outcome of a Governmental system, designed for bureaucrats by bureaucrats, totally unnaccountable to any electorate, and all busy earning huge salaries, awarding themselves gross pensions in the order which would stupefy the average grasping British M.P., and what do they achieve? Apart from taking a huge amount of OUR money, and producing mountains of paperwork which no-one reads, NOT A LOT!

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